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Let Our Truck Accident Lawyers Explain Why Truck Accidents Often Have Worse Consequences

With forty tons of force, trucks can cause some of the most dangerous accidents in Michigan.

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Let our Michigan accident lawyers explain why truck accidents are so serious.

Trucks Weigh 25x More than Cars

The first reason truck accidents are more serious is because of the immense difference in size and weight between semi trucks and passenger cars.

The fact is, a much heavier truck will carry more force and momentum with it into a collision, resulting in a far greater impact compared with two cars colliding together.

What it means in an accident: A much stronger impact causes worse injuries and consequences for those involved in the accident.

Trucks Need More Space to Stop

Michigan law allows semi trucks to weigh up to 80,000 lbs without special permissions, which is roughly 25x more than a car. A truck’s increased weight requires more distance to slow down or stop.

That means a truck is likely moving at a higher speed during an impact in comparison to a car, since a car will be able to slow down faster.

What it means in an accident: With greater speed comes an even harder impact by a truck compared to a car, causing worse injuries.

Trucks need more room to maneuver

Trucks can be 72 feet long or more, which is almost 5x longer than the average car. With these longer dimensions comes greater driving limitations and more risk of a severe accident.

The biggest limitation with a longer vehicle is less maneuverability, since a semi truck can’t change direction like a car. The truck wont be able to swerve out of the way if a sudden incident arises and will hit other vehicles head-on.

And if that semi truck does swerve and suddenly change direction, it’s more likely to tip over because of its greater size. This rollover can cause even more damage than a car in the same situation.

What it means in an accident: A truck’s longer length means it can cause worse injuries in an accident from being more likely to hit a vehicle head-on or tip over.

Trucks Have a Taller Height and Larger Wheels

More weight, mass, and speed aren’t the only factors that make truck accidents so serious. Trucks and the trailers they pull also have more ground clearance and larger wheels. This gives them the ability to drive on top of smaller passenger cars.

To make matters worse, trucks have worse blind spots and a need for more space to maneuver. This can increase the likelihood of a truck driving over a car. For example, a truck may not see a car next to it while making a sharp turn and crush it underneath its immense weight.

What it means in an accident: Trucks can roll over cars and crush them, resulting in severe injuries or death.’

Trucks Can Carry Heavy Cargo that May Come Loose

The main reason commercial trucks are on the road is to haul cargo that a smaller vehicle cannot. This may be cargo that’s both much larger in size and heavier in weight than a passenger car.

However, this cargo may come loose during an accident or from someone not securing it properly. This can cause the cargo to hit a car at high speeds with immense force.

What it means in an accident: Cargo that comes off of a truck can hit one or more cars and injure or kill their passengers.

Truck Drivers Are Frequently More Tired

A recent study revealed that the average US car driver spends 61.3 minutes driving per day. Yet, federal laws allow truck drivers to drive for 11 hours per day before resting.

Having spent far more time behind the wheel, truck drivers are often more tired. This may cause them to be slower to respond, make worse decisions, or even fall asleep while driving a 40-ton vehicle and cause a severe accident.

What it means in an accident: A drowsy truck driver may not respond in time to a sudden incident, resulting in worse injuries.

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