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Kajy Law goes above and beyond to maximize compensation for the Michigan car accident victims we represent. Having won over $40 million for our clients, our results speak for themselves.

Get Our Car Accident Lawyers Working On Your Case

With everything that happened since your car accident, you deserve the Kajy Car Accident Team to maximize your settlement while making things right again.

We understand your Michigan car accident mixed up your life since the day it happened, with caring for injuries, hospital bills, and medical appointments being a new part of your routine.

Our dedicated Car Accident Team’s purpose is to help you take back control of your life. Our team of lawyers and paralegals possess a complete understanding of state and federal laws pertaining to Michigan car accidents, as well as a thorough knowledge of how to handle insurance companies all to create the best outcome possible.

While our Michigan accident lawyers go to work on your case, we also take steps to make sure you get the help you need. We’ll ensure your medical needs are cared for and your billing questions are answered as we keep you informed of your case’s progress to help you feel empowered throughout the entire process.

Our Team of Michigan Car Accident Attorneys Follow Our C.A.R.E. Principles

Other car accident attorneys say they care. But we prove it with our hard work, dedication, and practical assistance that we provide for each client that we represent.

To ensure that you receive the care you deserve, we have established the Kajy C.A.R.E. principles that guide every accident case we handle:

  • Communication
  • Attention
  • Responsiveness
  • Effort


From the moment we begin our one-on-one consultation, we’ll be focusing on listening to you and understanding everything about your case: everything that took place, how your case is unique, and what you personally need now and in the future.

The consultation, however, is just the first point of contact. We’ll reach out to you about what’s happening at every step while also regularly making sure you’re cared for.


We’ll keep in contact with you with each new development of your case. But we also will regularly check in with you, even if just to see how you’re doing.

We know you have so much to deal with from the accident, so we’ll consistently make sure your questions are answered, your needs are met, and that you feel in control.


We know the insurance companies and other parties involved aren’t going to wait, and neither do we.

We’ll hit the ground running by building your case, create and execute a success strategy, but while also taking regular steps to provide you with the personal care you need.


Instead of focusing on padding our wallets, Kajy Law has heavily invested in manpower to win the best settlement possible for you. We’ve hired lawyers and paralegals who know everything there is about winning Michigan car accident cases.

If you need help after your Michigan car accident, then choose Kajy Law and get the attorneys who care to handle your case.

What You Should Do After a Michigan Car Accident

Kajy Law wants you to receive the best outcome possible after your Michigan car accident. In order to achieve that, you need to push past the shock, confusion, and stress that immediately follows a car accident.

Instead, it’s important to remain calm and think clearly in order to take these essential steps after your Michigan car accident:

Stay at the scene

Unless you have serious injuries that require immediate medical attention, it’s important for you to contact the police and wait for an officer to arrive. Once they do arrive, you can recount everything that took place. While you wait for their arrival, you can do the next step.

Document what happened

This includes obtaining information from witnesses, acquiring a police report of the accident, and taking photos of the accident scene, damages to vehicles, as well as any injuries.

If any witnesses were present, get their contact information and try to get an account of what happened from them while it is still fresh in their mind.

Seek medical treatment

Promptly see a doctor after a Michigan car accident for a medical evaluation and follow through on any prescribed treatment for your injuries. Note that a person may have suffered injuries while not experiencing pain due to the adrenaline released after an accident.

Contact a Michigan Car Accident Attorney

To make sure all of the steps are handled correctly and to help you earn every dollar you deserve, it’s crucial that you get a legal team on your side who fully understands Michigan law.

Kajy Law specializes in Michigan auto law and will guide you through the remaining steps, along with helping you get the largest settlement possible.

Contact your Michigan insurance provider

You only have a limited amount of time to report an accident to receive Michigan insurance benefits. Your insurance provider will want to know the location, injuries, damages, names of those involved, witnesses, and the investigating police officer’s name and contact information.

However, be sure to follow your attorney’s guidance in this matter, as some insurance companies will want you to say things that release them of liability.

Keep good records

These records will be important to get proper compensation from your injuries and losses. They include any bills, expenses, or income loss, medical records of treatment, as well as any physical or mental trauma that resulted from the Michigan car accident and how it affected you.

Along with taking these steps, it’s important not to do certain things to avoid causing problems, complications, and stress after your accident.

Find out what you shouldn’t do after a Michigan car accident »

How Much Does a Michigan Car Accident Attorney Cost?

The Michigan car accident attorneys at Kajy Law don’t receive a cent until we win your case. So if you don’t win, you don’t pay anything. We only get paid a small percentage once you receive your settlement.

That means we don’t charge a single fee for your initial consultation, hiring our team of car accident lawyers to work on your case, or anything else until you win.

Contact our car accident lawyers to learn more »

Who Pays After a Michigan Car Accident Under Michigan No-Fault Laws

Michigan Law requires each person’s insurance company to pay for the medical bills related to an auto accident. This is to help Michigan car accident victims receive medical treatment without having to worry about whose insurance company should pay.

However, there are certain things that no-fault insurance doesn’t cover.

Our Michigan car accident lawyers reveal what isn’t covered under no-fault insurance »

What to Do if You Are Injured in a Car Accident

Kajy Law understands how quickly a car accident can change your whole world: suddenly, your day changed from going to or from work, school or running errands to having to figure out the full extent of the injuries you suffered, how to treat them, and what else you need to do.

Take these three steps after a car accident injury:

Get the medical help you need

Your health is the most important thing to focus on–not who is at fault or who will pay the medical bills. That’s why you and everyone involved should immediately receive medical attention and treatment for any and all injuries after a Michigan car accident, even if you don’t yet feel sore or if you feel that your injuries aren’t severe.

Contact your Michigan auto insurance company and apply for no-fault insurance benefits

Michigan is a no-fault state. That means your own auto insurance is required to pay your medical bills from the car accident. Letting your insurance company know that you were involved in an accident is required in order for them to pay for your medical bills. However, first contact Kajy Law to help you avoid saying things that will relinquish their responsibility to pay.

Get legal help

Even though you may have been paying for auto insurance coverage for years or even decades, insurance companies are known to deny coverage or stop it prematurely to save money. Get legal help in order to protect yourself from the insurance companies, get the care you need, have your bills paid, and receive the largest compensation possible.

There are other important things you can do to help you recover from your injuries.

Here’s what else to do if you’re injured in a Michigan car accident »

What Damages You Can Recover After a Michigan Car Accident

Michigan no-fault laws can be confusing for auto accident victims. While this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of the damages Michigan Law allows a victim to recover after an accident:

Past and future medical expenses

Medical expenses can be recovered from the accident. These can include hospital bills and rehabilitation expenses. However, your accident may have been more severe and thus required specialized treatment or therapies. All of these medical-related damages can also be recovered, along with any medical care that may be ongoing into the foreseeable future or beyond.

Past and future lost wages

Even though your medical bills are supposed to be covered by insurance, it can still cost money to get better after your car accident.

Medical appointments, not being able to work from accident-related injuries, or having reduced work may have left you with less money than if these events had not taken place.

These lost wages can be recovered after your accident, along with an estimate of future losses that you are projected to suffer as a result of the Michigan car accident.

Non-economic loss wages

Some losses are not easily calculated the way medical bills are. These intangible losses may include the pain and suffering endured, the loss of enjoyment of life, disabilities, or other permanent results from the accident and can be recovered after your accident.

Learn what other damages can be recovered after your Michigan car accident »

How to Avoid a Car Accident in Michigan

Even though Michigan’s roads are famous for their beauty, they are also notoriously dangerous to drive on. However, you can minimize the likelihood of a car accident by taking these important steps:

Give yourself enough driving space

At least one of every five accidents in Michigan were the direct result of not leaving enough space for drivers to stop. This shows what a difference giving yourself a three-second following distance can make, especially on highways.

Eliminate distractions

Distracted driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. Don’t allow calls, texts, eating, grooming, or passenger behavior to take your attention away from the road.

Change your driving habits when the weather changes

Michigan’s four seasons can bring significant amounts of snow, sleet, rain, and wind. With these changes in weather comes the need for drivers to change how they drive, which may entail driving slower, giving more space to brake, and using headlights more frequently.

Learn what else you can do to avoid Michigan car accidents and where they are most likely to happen »

Common Michigan Car Accident Injuries

It’s important to note that what may be considered a minor car accident can still cause significant injuries that should be treated by medical professionals. Here are some of the most common injuries from Michigan car accidents:

Scrapes, bruising, and lacerations

These injuries may be caused by loose objects being launched suddenly at the moment of impact. As a result, they can strike the driver or passengers.

Soft tissue injuries

These include connective tissues like tendons, muscles, and ligaments. These injuries often result from a person’s extremities being forcefully pulled in different directions during a car accident.

A sudden impact from a car accident often causes the weight of a person’s head to create a whip-cracking motion on the rest of the body, straining the neck and back’s connective tissues and causing a common injury known as “whiplash.”

Brain injuries

These TBIs, or Traumatic Brain Injuries, can be among the most serious injuries from a Michigan car accident. A person’s head striking a surface within the car or another object can lead to concussions, brain bleeding, brain damage, or even a coma.

Limb injuries

Different types of accidents often affect different limbs of the body. For example, a side impact can cause hands or arms to be thrown against a door, whereas a head-on impact may cause a person’s knees to collide against a car dash or a seat.

However, these are not the only types of injuries that are common after a Michigan car accident.

Our Michigan car accident attorneys reveal what other injuries may occur and how to get help with medical bills from your accident »

Michigan Car Accident Statistics

Our car accident lawyers understand every aspect of these types of accidents to provide you with the best legal help possible.

That includes looking at the data behind car accidents in Michigan to fully understand them.

The state of Michigan publishes an annual traffic report documenting car accidents, including how many took place along with background information surrounding those accidents. Here are the most important accident statistics from this report:

  • There were 282,640 Michigan car accidents, a 15% increase over the previous year
  • The most common person to be injured was the driver of a vehicle, with 49,863 Michigan drivers injured
  • 71,466 of these accidents involved an injury, while 1,068 accidents were fatal
  • Alcohol was involved in 336 fatal Michigan accidents

See what other accident statistics our Michigan car accident lawyers have found about when and where most accidents occurred »

Common Causes of Michigan Car Accidents

Kajy Law’s car accident lawyers help Michigan car accident victims throughout the entire process, from right after the auto accident until when they receive their settlement check.

Having won over 2,500 cases, our car accident lawyers have handled nearly every type of car accident.

This allows our attorneys to identify what the most common causes of Michigan car accidents are to help you avoid them.

These include:

Distracted driving

A driver cannot safely drive while also using a smartphone, eating, caring for their appearance, or anything else that takes their eyes, hands, or attention away from the road.


Drivers who speed surpass the carefully chosen speed limit take away their control of the vehicle while also reducing braking distance and time needed to slow down.

Drunk driving

Alcohol has a combination of negative effects on a driver’s brain, including slower reaction times, impaired depth perception, reduced motor skill function, and worsened decision-making.

Knowing what the cause of your accident can help our attorneys attain an even larger settlement for you.

Learn what else causes accidents and how you can recover damages from our car accident lawyers »

Road Conditions That Cause Michigan Car Accidents

Kajy Law has seen how it’s not always driver error that causes a Michigan car accident. Instead, a car accident may be caused by outside factors, such as the road itself due to weather conditions or other hazards.

The most common road conditions that cause car accidents include:

Weather-related conditions

Snow, ice, rain, sleet, or even high winds can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and can often result in an accident.

Roadway hazards

Debris or objects may suddenly appear on the roadway, giving the driver almost no time to avoid it and thus cause an accident. Other drivers may swerve to avoid the object and collide with another vehicle.

Poor road condition/lack of road maintenance

Large potholes can damage a car’s suspension or cause a flat tire, making the car so difficult to control that it ends in an accident.

Unclear or unannounced changes in road surfaces or road construction may also cause accidents or collisions due to not providing drivers sufficient notice to adjust their speed or lane position.

Kajy Law can help you after your car accident, even if it was caused by unsafe road conditions.

Our auto accident attorneys show exactly what to do after a car accident due to an unsafe road condition »

Help With Understanding Michigan No-Fault Benefits

The first thing you need after an accident is professional medical attention.

But with Michigan being a no-fault state, many Michigan residents aren’t sure if they should see a medical professional because they don’t understand what no-fault benefits are available to victims of car accidents.

Kajy Law wants you to know that these no-fault laws are designed to help simplify the process of receiving medical treatment and care after your Michigan auto accident.

Some of Michigan’s no-fault benefits include:

Medical care expenses

This includes medical bills that are related to your car accident, such as visits to the doctor or to a rehabilitation clinic to help you with your injuries.

Wage loss

If your Michigan car accident caused you to miss work, you are entitled to no-fault benefits that reimburse you for your lost wages.

Attendant care

Whether you need nursing care at your home or at a designated facility, this attendant care is covered under Michigan’s no-fault benefits.

Replacement services and property modifications

You can receive these services if your car accident was so severe that you are not able to care for daily tasks at home, such as caring for children or household chores.

However, these are not the only no-fault benefits offered in Michigan.

Learn what other no-fault benefits are available and how to receive them from our Michigan accident lawyers »

Michigan Auto Insurance Requirements That Can Affect Your Car Accident

Our Michigan car accident lawyers know how important insurance is when it comes to getting the settlement you deserve. Here are some key points about car insurance requirements in Michigan that can affect you if you’ve been in an accident:

It is illegal to drive without car insurance

The bare minimum insurance required is known as ‘liability insurance’ to help ensure financial responsibility in case of an accident.

There are severe repercussions for drivers without insurance

This can include fines, suspended licenses, jail time, and having to pay tens of thousands in others’ bills as well as your own bills related to an accident.

There are dedicated limits needed with insurance

These bare essentials include $250,000 for bodily injury per person and $500,000 for bodily injury per accident.

There is more to learn about car insurance from our attorneys, though. For example, you may be hit by an uninsured motorist.

See what you should do if you are involved in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance »

How Auto Insurance Companies Can Take Advantage of Drivers After a Michigan Car Accident

Kajy Law helps our clients receive the maximum settlement from car insurance companies. That means we know all about how they work to know how to deal with them.

It’s important for accident victims to remember that insurance companies in Michigan are businesses, which means they are looking to make a profit. This causes some of them to try and take advantage of Michigan drivers after an accident with these tactics:

Make a recorded statement immediately

They know that you’re confused and emotional right after an accident, and not all your injuries may be apparent. This will let them off the hook for some costly payments, along with minimizing their responsibility for other financial obligations.

Sending deceptive insurance payments

They may send a check or statement that may look routine but is actually a final payment that, once cashed, releases them from any more financial responsibility from the accident.

Sending you to a ‘third-party’ physician

They may have you evaluated by a supposedly neutral physician who is actually connected to them. This physician will likely say you no longer need the treatment they have been paying for.

Our car accident attorneys want you to avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies after your accident. That includes helping you avoid these and other tactics that the insurance companies may use to reduce your settlement.

Learn other tactics insurance companies may use and how you can protect yourself »

How our Michigan Car Accident Attorneys Exceed Client Expectations

‘Kajy cares’ about clients–and it shows. After letting us handle their car accident cases, our clients are often surprised at how we exceeded their expectations.

Here are just a few comments from Michigan car accident clients like you:

“When I called Kajy Law, they explained everything to me over the phone and then sent a paralegal to my hospital room within an hour to discuss everything further… He ensured that I received wage loss compensation, and that all of my medical expenses were covered, including in-home care, and settled my personal injury case within three months. Without their assistance, this already difficult experience could have been devastating–and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

-Leah D.

“Amazing law firm. Great communication, my team always kept me up to date with what was going on. Very happy with my settlement. I would recommend them to my friends and family.”

-James E.

“Kajy Law firm is very helpful, professional, and cares about every client. I will recommend this firm to anyone that needs it. Keep up the good work and the caring spirit.”

-Shatha A.

“Their team of highly skilled attorneys and support staff fight hard for you, in a million and one ways, both in the Court and in the minutiae of details behind the scenes. Kajy Law truly cares about their clients. I’d give them 100/100 if I could!”

-Joslyn S.

Schedule a free consultation today to see how our car accident attorney can provide you with the help and support you need as they work hard to get you the largest settlement possible.

Michigan Car Accident Case Results that Speak for Themselves

There’s a reason we have an entire team of car accident attorneys and paralegals: they get the best results possible.

Here are some examples of what Michigan accident victims like you received thanks to our car accident team:

  • $500,000 for a driver from Sterling Heights who was struck leaving the parking lot of Walmart and sustained injuries to her back that required surgery.
  • $450,000 for a driver who was involved in a collision in Canton and suffered multiple disc injuries to his neck and back requiring surgeries.
  • $325,000 for a driver who was involved in a T-bone collision in Detroit, which resulted in a spinal disc injury.
  • $635,000 for a driver who was involved in an intersection collision in Sterling Heights that resulted in injuries including ankle fractures and pregnancy complications.

These settlements were made possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of our car accident lawyers and paralegals who take your accident personally.

What Separates Our Michigan Auto Accident Attorneys From The Rest

Kajy Law knows how other attorneys work, and we’ve chosen to be different on purpose.

For example, some attorneys just take the highest paying cases and leave other victims to fend for themselves like some law firms. But not us. We spend the time helping victims of every type of accident receive justice, from fender-benders to major accidents.

And instead of settling for less just to get paid, we put forth the extra effort to win the best possible settlement for every one of our clients, even if that means extra time and effort on our part.

The success we’ve seen from going the extra mile for our past clients keeps us motivated to help new clients like you take back control and receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

Help From A Dedicated Team Of Car Accident Lawyers

By now, you’ve seen how we don’t skimp on the expense, manpower, or time and effort needed when it comes to getting you what you deserve after your car accident.

Kajy Law’s Car Accident Team has a proven record of successful representation for hundreds of injured individuals involved in Michigan car accidents. Trust us to fight to win the maximum compensation for you while providing compassionate care throughout the process.

Help From Our Michigan Car Accident Attorneys Who Take Pride In Our State

By now, you’ve seen how we don’t skimp on the expense, manpower, or time and effort needed when it comes to getting you what you deserve after your car accident. Not only that, but we are personally driven to help clients like you.

Our Michigan accident lawyers take car accident cases personally because we are Michigan drivers ourselves. Our pride in our ‘Great Lakes State’ impels us to help our fellow drivers the way we would want to be helped.

As a result, we’ve worked tirelessly to help drivers from Detroit to Dearborn to Southfield to Warren and throughout Michigan take back control of their life and get the compensation they’re owed.

Contact Our Michigan Car Accident Lawyers

With a 98% success rate, the car accident lawyers at Kajy Law work tirelessly to win your case. Not only that, but we’ll also provide you with care and support throughout the entire legal process.

Contact us today if you were involved in a car accident to get our team of attorneys on your side. Call us at 248-702-6641 or use our contact form to set up a free car accident consultation.


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