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Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers

Michigan Truck Accident Attorneys Who Know How To Win

From the moment we go to work for you, Kajy Law’s Michigan Truck Accident Team makes every effort to land the best settlement possible. Let us show you the Kajy Law difference.

Dedicated Michigan Truck Accident Attorneys On Your Side

When it comes to Michigan truck accidents, there’s often more parties involved compared with cars and motorcycles. That means anyone involved in a Michigan truck accident needs legal representation that understands the specific laws that affect a case along with the steps involved to get a truck accident victim’s medical bills paid and to recover the full compensation they deserve.

Kajy Law has a dedicated truck accident team who only focus on trucking cases–nothing else. Our Michigan truck accident lawyers and paralegals are devoted to understanding every state and federal law relating to the trucking industry as we identify what parties may be responsible and how to maneuver matters to your advantage.

Thanks to decades of cumulative experience with Michigan truck accident cases, we also know what clients like you need during the process of handling your case. We provide help with billing issues, medical attention, benefits, and also provide regular updates regarding what’s happening with your case.

The Advantage of our Truck Accident Lawyers

Having won tens of millions of dollars for our clients, our Michigan truck accident attorneys understand that victory in the courtroom doesn’t come from skimping on resources or manpower.

That’s why we hire highly-educated and experienced Michigan truck accident lawyers and paralegals to provide every advantage possible when it comes to getting you the full settlement you deserve. Not only that, but they also provide regular communication and support, helping you get your life back to normal as we fight to win your Michigan truck accident case.

How Our Michigan Truck Accident Team Gets You The Best Settlement While Caring For Your Needs

While other Michigan truck accident lawyers may claim they care for their clients, our Truck Accident Team has a four-step process to guarantee our clients are cared for.

1. Our Free Consultation
We personally meet with you, your family, and anyone else involved to help us understand everything that happened, what challenges you’re now facing, and how we can help.

We’ll also go over the details to help us map out a strategic approach regarding what actions we can take to maximize your truck accident settlement while making sure all of your immediate and anticipated needs are cared for.

2. Follow-Up Care
As soon as you become a client, you’ll have our continued support. We’ll regularly check in and make sure you’re cared for, helping with your medical treatment, dealing with any insurance company problems, and helping with practical issues such as loss of income after your Michigan truck accident.

3. Working Up Your Truck Accident Case
We want you to focus on recuperating after your Michigan truck accident and leave your case with us to work up. We’ll be behind the scenes procuring documents, medical records, bills, reports, and anything else to provide us with every legal advantage for your case, along with examining what laws and statutes may affect it to make sure we’re ready for the legal proceedings to begin

4. Getting You The Best Settlement
Our highly-vetted team of Michigan truck accident lawyers and paralegals will be ready to win for you when the time comes after combing through every law and examining every detail. We’ll be equipped for any situation, not stopping until you get every cent you deserve.

Recent Settlements Our Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers Won For Our Clients

Time and again, our Michigan Truck Accident Team’s strategies have been proven to work. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Instead, we want you to see just a few examples that show we fight for our Michigan truck accident clients.

  • $1,198,000
    We won $1,198,000.00 for a couple involved in a high speed rear-end collision caused by a commercial truck in Detroit, resulting in both clients suffering torn rotator cuffs, disc herniations, and other serious injuries.
  • $412,500
    Our Michigan truck accident lawyers recovered $412,500.00 for Ali from Taylor after he exited busy parking lot and collided with a reckless commercial truck driver, sustaining sprain injuries to his lower back, neck, and left shoulder.
  • $195,000
    Jordon in Belleville received $195,000.00 thanks to our truck accident team after she suffered injuries to her neck, back, and both shoulders from a large truck who negligently merged into her lane.

These are just some of the millions of dollars we have recovered for Michigan truck accident victims like you.

Team Up With The Legal Professionals Who Work Exclusively On Michigan Truck Accidents

If you’ve suffered from a truck accident in Michigan, you deserve the help of a legal team that fully understands Michigan trucking accidents, what victims need, and how to win.

Kajy Law’s Truck Accident Team has a documented history of success with helping truck accident victims like you receive the justice and compensation they deserve. We’ll do everything in our power to win your Michigan truck accident case while providing the care and support you need along the way.

Contact Our Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers

If you were involved in a truck accident, contact us today to get our Michigan truck accident attorneys fighting for you. Call us at 248-702-6641 or use our contact form to set up a free truck accident consultation.


Call 248-702-6641 or fill out the form below.

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