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Who Pays After a Michigan Truck Accident?

Truck accidents in Michigan may be more common than you think: for example, Michigan saw 14,972 semi-truck-related accidents in 2021 alone, according to a report from the Office of Highway Planning (OHSP). As a result, 2,487 people were injured and 103 individuals lost their lives.

Have you been affected by a truck accident in Michigan? If so, you may not be sure who is responsible for the injuries, damages, or other harm you’ve suffered.

The truck accident attorneys at Kajy Law specializes in helping Michigan truck accident victims understand what to do and who is responsible after a Michigan truck accident. We’ll first show how liability may be determined under Michigan law.

How Michigan Truck Accident Liability is Determined

Statistically, truck accidents often prove more fatal than accidents that only involve passenger vehicles–not to mention the injuries, property damage, or other consequences from a trucking accident. Not only that, but there are also more parties who may be held responsible, such as trucking companies. Thus, there is often more at stake after a Michigan truck accident.

That’s why there may be various parties who endeavor to determine liability.

These parties include:

  • The law enforcement officer who arrived at the scene of the accident. This officer will prepare a police accident report, which will include how the accident took place and which party is responsible for the accident.
  • The trucking company may also launch their own internal investigation to understand how the accident happened and who was the party who was primarily responsible for it.
  • Insurance companies will also likely look into the accident in order to gain an understanding of what took place. This helps them decide internally whose insurance company is liable, which may include the trucking company’s insurers.
  • A trial judge or jury may finally decide the liability for an accident involving a semi-truck if the accident claim goes to trial.

Who May Be Liable in a Michigan Truck Accident

It’s not just the truck driver or any passenger vehicle drivers involved that may be liable in a truck accident in Michigan. Depending on who was involved and how the accident took place, Michigan law may allow the following parties to bear responsibility:

  • The passenger vehicle drivers involved
  • The semi-truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The cargo company/freight broker
  • The mechanic who serviced the truck
  • The owner of the truck if it’s not owned by the driver or trucking company
  • The manufacturer of the truck
  • The manufacturer of a faulty part used on the truck

How Michigan No-Fault Laws May Apply With A Truck Accident

Michigan is a no-fault state. That means all drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance. Thus, if a person is involved in an accident, their own insurance is supposed to pay for certain bills such as medical costs up to a certain extent before they can bring a claim against another party.

No-fault coverage, however, does not pay for everything related to a Michigan truck accident, especially if serious injuries occurred. In these cases, Michigan law allows an injured person to pursue compensation from other parties for serious injury, permanent disfigurement, or death from a semi-truck accident.

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By now, you’ve seen just how complex a Michigan truck accident can be: no two accidents are treated the same, including who may be liable and who pays for damages. More parties are involved compared to an auto accident, all of whom are likely looking to deny liability and pay as little as possible.

If you were involved in an accident involving a truck in Michigan, it’s crucial that you get the legal help you need in order to see full compensation for your injuries and damages you’ve suffered. Our Michigan truck accident attorneys are ready to fight for you to receive the maximum amount possible after your Michigan truck accident.

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