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Find Out What’s Behind Michigan Truck Accidents From Key Statistics

Any vehicle that loses control can turn deadly in an accident. However, a truck weighing 80,000 lbs is especially dangerous, given its increased dimensions, weight, and power. Not surprisingly, the ensuing damage is often more severe from these types of accidents.

Kajy Law has a specialized legal team that focuses only on Michigan truck accidents. In order to help you avoid them, we’re sharing the most important Michigan truck accident statistics.

Truck Accident Statistics for Michigan

The 2021 Statewide Traffic Crash Data Year End Report published by the Michigan State Government reveals key data showing the results of semi-truck accidents. These fall into the category of “Heavy Truck/Bus” which includes commercial trucks or truck/trailers having a GVWR of 10,001 pounds or more.

  • There were a total of 14,972 of these types of accidents, 2,949 more than the previous year
  • 93 of these accidents were fatal, which made up 6.1% of the total number of auto accident fatalities
  • The total number of people killed was 103
  • There was a 32% increase in fatalities in comparison to the prior year
  • 17 of those that were fatal had a fatality in the vehicle
  • 2,487 of these accidents caused injuries, which comprised 2.7% of all auto accident injuries
  • The total number of people injured was 3,369

Background Statistics Behind Michigan Truck Accidents

While the above statistics may tell what happened, we’ve also compiled statistics that show who was most often involved in a truck accident and when.

  • The majority of these accidents involved males age 25-34
  • October was the most dangerous month for truck accidents, with 1,450 taking place in this month alone
  • Tuesday saw the most of these accidents, with 2,684. The safest day was Sunday, with 558 accidents taking place on this day
  • The most dangerous time of the day for accidents that include semi-trucks was between 12:00 p.m. to 2:59 p.m., which saw 3,504 semi-truck accidents
  • Wayne County had the most truck accidents with 2,541 taking place within its borders

Team Up Kajy Law’s Truck Accident Attorneys

Did you know that both truck drivers and trucking companies are supposed to be held to higher standards according to Michigan state law? This is especially important due to a semi-truck’s increased size and weight making them far more dangerous on the road.

Yet, it’s not uncommon to see truck accidents that are the result of these trucking laws and regulations being ignored or even purposefully broken in order for these trucking companies to make more money.

That’s why you need legal help that knows these specific Michigan trucking laws and regulations if you were in an accident involving a semi-truck in Michigan.

Our Michigan Accident Lawyers Know How To Win

Kajy Law wants the very best for our clients, no matter if they’re from Warren, Southfield, Dearborn, Detroit, or anywhere else in Michigan.

So because Michigan truck accidents are so unique, we have assembled a specialty team of Michigan truck accident legal professionals with lawyers and paralegals that only focus on this unique field of Michigan law. Their years of knowledge and experience will help you get justice and maximize the compensation you deserve after your truck accident.

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