What are the Most Common Truck Accident Injuries?

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Find Out What Injuries are the Most Common After a Michigan Truck Accident

Truck accidents occur roughly 40 times a day in Michigan. And since just one semi-truck can weigh as much as 25 passenger vehicles, the effects are often more serious than accidents involving only cars.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in Michigan, you need knowledgeable, experienced legal representation who know truck accidents. Let the Michigan truck accident lawyers at Kajy Law assist you by providing information about what injuries often occur after a Michigan truck accident.

Neck and Back Injuries

The sudden impact from a car and a truck colliding causes the human body to move and contort itself into harmful positions within milliseconds. Severe back and neck injuries result from the body being suddenly forced into these movements and positions.

Whiplash, herniated discs, and damaged vertebrae are common consequences of Michigan truck accidents. These injuries not only cause immediate pain but can also result in long-term disabilities, affecting the quality of life for victims for years or even the rest of their life.

Injuries to the Spinal Cord

The incredible force behind a semi-truck hitting a car can damage or even sever the spinal cord, which sends signals from the brain to the rest of the body.

Since this system is responsible for movement, feeling, sensations, and control of bodily functions, its damage or destruction can result in an impaired or inability to walk, speak, eat, move, or even breathe in some cases.

Head and Brain Injuries

The incredible force and momentum of a truck is difficult to stop, and a much smaller car doesn’t come close to safely absorbing its energy.

That force from the semi-truck gets transmitted to the car’s passengers and can cause them to hit their heads against surfaces and objects inside the car.

This often results in different types of head and brain injuries. These can include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), concussions, lesions to the brain, and other blunt head trauma.

These injuries may manifest themselves via headaches, mood changes, memory problems, not being able to focus or speak correctly, and not sleeping well.

Broken Bones

The force exerted in a truck accident can cause the car occupant’s bodies to collide against doors, seats, windows, or other occupants.

This can lead to fractures and broken bones throughout the body, including compound fractures where the bone protrudes through the skin.

The most common broken bones from a truck accident are broken ribs, Fibula or Tibia (lower leg), Femur (upper leg), and Pelvis. The severity of these injuries depends on factors such as speed, angle of impact, and safety features in the vehicles involved.


When the truck collides against a car, shattered glass from windows and other parts of the car often go flying against the passengers, along with any loose objects within the car such as mobile phones.

These projectiles from a truck accident often lead to lacerations and cuts. The most common places for lacerations are the face and neck, since they are often not covered by clothing that may protect the rest of the body.

These lacerations can cause pain and sometimes severe bleeding, which is an immediate concern that may require emergency surgery. However, these lacerations can also result in long-term scarring and disfigurement.


In some cases, the truck accident can lead to a fire from the car, the truck, the truck’s contents, or from all three. These are especially common with trucks hauling materials that may be flammable such as hazardous cargo or fuel.

The resulting injuries from these fires often require extensive medical treatment including multiple operations, skin grafts, plastic surgery, and rehabilitation.

Other burns may result from a person’s body rapidly scraping against the interior of the vehicle or scraping against the pavement if they are ejected from the car.


Tragically, some truck accidents are so severe that the car’s passengers lose their life either immediately or due to injuries sustained from the accident.

Families of victims face severe emotional trauma as well as potential legal challenges in pursuing justice and compensation for their loss.

What Damages Can Be Recovered if You Were Injured in a Michigan Truck Accident

Truck accidents are much more complicated than car accidents. They have unique laws affecting them, more contributing factors surrounding them, and more parties that may be held responsible.

That’s why accident victims deserve truck accident lawyers like those at Kajy Law who know how to deal with all of the complications and can help victims get full compensation for the damages they suffered.

These damages and compensations include:

  • Michigan No-Fault benefits – These can include medical expenses, lost wages, household replacement services, and attendant care.
  • Economic damages – These may be what the victim has already lost due to the truck accident but also future losses such as ongoing medical expenses or the negative impact on earning capacity from a permanent disability.
  • Non-economic damages – These damages aren’t seen on a medical bill, but still deserve compensation. They may include ​​emotional trauma, pain and suffering, deterioration of the quality of a victim’s life, and any disfigurement or permanent disabilities.

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The truck accident lawyers at Kajy Law only work on Michigan truck accidents, providing them with a deep understanding of every part of the legal process as well as knowing how to deal with all of the parties involved.

This provides you with the legal representation you need, no matter if you’re from Dearborn, Southfield, Warren, Detroit, or anywhere else in Michigan. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to get fully compensated for all of your injuries, suffering, and trauma you have experienced because of your truck accident.

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