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Michigan Accident Lawyers

Get An Industry-Focused Legal Team On Your Side With Kajy Law

In an instant, your life can change forever after your Michigan accident. Which law firm you decide to handle your case can make all the difference between getting the maximum compensation you deserve and struggling to pay your bills.

That’s why Kajy Law has dedicated teams to focus on specific areas of law: we believe you deserve the best legal guidance to help you now and to ensure your future well-being.



T-bone collision in Detroit,
resulting in a spinal disc injury.
Jake, Car Accident


Involved in an intersection collision
in Sterling Heights, resulted in ankle
fractures and pregnancy
Ruth, Car Accident


Who had multiple disc injuries to his
neck and back requiring surgeries
from a collision in a major
intersection area in Canton.
Lamar, Car Accident

Michigan Car Accidents

After your Michigan car accident, insurance companies will quickly steer things in their favor to avoid paying your bills and compensation.

That’s why the Michigan car accident team at Kajy Law hits the ground running so that you get the upper hand–not the insurance companies. Our Michigan car accident team knows the exact benefits and compensation that you deserve under Michigan law and will fight for you at every step.

How our Michigan car accident lawyers can help »

Michigan Truck Accidents

The trucking industry has made it complicated for truck accident victims to receive justice. That’s why you need legal help from a firm that fully understands every aspect surrounding Michigan truck accidents.

We have a team of Michigan truck accident lawyers and paralegals dedicated to understanding everything related to Michigan truck accidents. This enables them to know how to handle each step in this complicated field of law to have matters turn out in your favor.

How we help with Michigan truck accidents »

Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

If you were involved in a Michigan motorcycle accident, you already know how quickly things can quickly spin out of control. The fact is, Michigan laws are set up so that at least five different parties may be legally responsible for your bills.

Kajy Law has won hundreds of accident cases for Michigan motorcyclists and we’re ready to win yours. We provide you with personalized care and attention while working up your case to reach the maximum settlement possible.

How we help with Michigan motorcycle accidents »

Contact Our Michigan Accident Lawyers

Have you been injured in an auto, trucking, or motorcycle accident in Michigan? Then team up with the right legal representation to help you receive the maximum compensation while getting all of your medical bills paid.

Our 4-step approach makes things as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Call us today at 248-702-6641 or use our contact form for a free consultation regarding your Michigan accident.

Learn why Kajy Cares

“As someone who had regular contact with accident victims, I saw firsthand how other law firms took advantage of them.

A year would pass after their accident, and those law firms would do nothing except take their cut from their client’s measly settlement–no followup, no client calls, nothing on their file.

In short, other firms would do as little as possible while collecting the most.

It killed me to see that. So I decided to be different.

Our law firm constantly follows up with the insurance companies, works up the case, and keeps in contact with doctors–all while staying close to you and providing guidance at every step, from consultation to settlement.

I’m proud that Kajy cares, and it shows.”

– Lawrence Kajy

Kajy Cares

Our Promise to You

Kajy Law focuses on two things:

  1. Caring for our clients
  2. Getting the biggest settlements possible

Kajy Law hires more staff–and pays them better. With 10 lawyers and 35+ legal professionals on our staff, we don’t skimp to save money. Instead, we’re equipped with plenty of manpower to get things moving in your favor.

With 133 years of combined experience and industry-focused teams of lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries, you’ll get the care and attention you deserve and the best outcome possible.

Our no-fee guarantee means you don’t have to spend one second worrying about legal fees; instead, you get to focus on getting your life back on track while we care for every part of your case behind the scenes.

See for yourself how Kajy cares »


The Kajy Four-Step Process

After your accident, you’ll need answers, legal guidance, help with medical bills, and a legal team that gets you the settlement you deserve. Here’s how Kajy Law provides everything you need to come out on top




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