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What Damages Can I Recover After a Michigan Truck Accident?

It’s easy for a truck accident victim to feel overwhelmed as they contemplate what their options are in Michigan. For example, they may be wondering what damages can be recovered, how they recover them, and from whom.

Kajy Law’s Michigan truck accident lawyers are here to help any Michigan resident who has suffered from a Michigan truck accident get answers. We’ve put together a list of some of the most common damages that a victim can recover, along with insight into what to do to recover them.

No-Fault Benefits Available After A Michigan Truck Accident

Michigan is classified as a no-fault state. Its purpose is to simplify the benefit process for accident victims: rather than worrying about whose insurance will pay after an accident, victims in a no-fault state like Michigan have their own insurance company pay for many expenses from the accident up to a certain limit. These insurance benefits are known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

Michigan no-fault benefits include:

  • Medical expenses that are a result of the Michigan truck accident
  • Lost wages from an accident victim missing work for up to three years. This may be from missing work due to receiving medical attention, or from injuries sustained from the accident that led to a reduced ability to work or not being able to work at all.
  • Household replacement services due to injuries sustained from the accident. For example, the victim may not be able to care for certain daily tasks such as chores or responsibilities like caring for children.
    There may also need to be modifications made to their home or vehicle to accommodate a disability that resulted from the truck accident.
  • Attendant care may be necessary due to long-term or permanent injuries suffered from the accident.

As mentioned earlier, there are limitations as to how much no-fault benefits cover (unless an accident victim had an unlimited no-fault protection policy). Once those limits are reached, a victim will likely need a Michigan truck accident attorney to pursue a demand letter or file a lawsuit to recover further benefits.

Economic Damages

Once PIP limitations are reached for no-fault benefits, a victim may sue for economic damages that they suffered from the truck accident. These damages are essentially financial losses that are proved by medical bills or that are based on prior income before the truck accident.

These economic damages aren’t just what the victim has already suffered; due to the consequences of the accident, there may be future losses such as ongoing medical expenses or the negative impact on earning capacity from a permanent disability. These and other future economic damages may be recovered from a lawsuit.

A lawsuit may be filed against the truck driver, their employer, or the shipping company that loaded their truck. In some instances, a truck parts manufacturer may be sued if the part they made caused the Michigan truck accident.

Recover Non-Economic Damages

Beyond bills and income loss, a victim of a Michigan truck accident may also sue for other intangible damages suffered. These types of damages are called non-economic damages because they aren’t seen on a bill but are still deserving of compensation.

Non-economic damages may include:

  • Psychological or emotional trauma that the victim suffered from either the accident or from their injuries
  • Pain and suffering that the victim has experienced
  • Deterioration of the quality of a victim’s life due to the accident or the loss of enjoyment of life
  • Any scarring, disfigurement, or permanent disabilities or impairments

Let Our Truck Accident Attorneys Help Recover Damages After Your Truck Accident

Because a truck accident is often more serious and more complicated than a passenger vehicle accident, it’s crucial that victims get legal help from a Michigan truck accident attorney that fully understands the trucking laws and how the system works. Our dedicated Truck Accident Team is ready to help you receive maximum compensation after your accident.

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