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Michigan Accident Lawyers

Join Kajy Law and Help Us Provide Unmatched Legal Care for Michigan Accident Victims

Kajy Law provides the best legal care for our clients. But to provide the best legal care, we need the best legal professionals.

That includes you.

Kajy Law wants you to join us as we help Michigan accident victims get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Our Team Structure:

How Kajy Law Provides the Best Legal Help

Kajy Law’s 98% success rate is no accident.

Rather, it’s the result of dedicated, knowledgeable legal professionals coming together to provide the best care for clients.

To maximize our effectiveness, we utilize a “team structure”.

Each client is assigned their own legal team to ensure that their questions are always answered and urgent matters are quickly and effectively handled.

Each team consists of:

  • Attorneys
  • Legal Assistants
  • Litigation Paralegals
  • Case Managers

As a result, Kajy Law’s team structure maximizes efficiency and improves workflow to deliver the best results possible for our clients.


From the initial consultation with the client, to working up their case, to negotiating the best settlement for them, our attorneys play a central role in overseeing the entire case and making sure we exceed our client’s expectations.

Responsibilities for Kajy Law’s attorneys

  • Handling all court appearances, including motions practice, case evaluations, facilitations, arbitrations, and trials
  • Communicating with opposing counsel
  • Overseeing the team they work with, which includes supervising the work of legal secretaries, litigation paralegals, and pre-litigation paralegals
  • Communicating with clients on important matters, explaining to them what they need to know, and helping them feel cared for

What Kajy Law looks for in attorneys

The attorneys at Kajy Law need a combination of qualities and skills that let them effectively handle the case, successfully lead their team, and provide the personalized care our clients deserve.

Knowledge of the law

Our attorneys need a lot of information about Michigan law at their fingertips. This includes what the laws are, what the process is with various complicated matters, and what to expect throughout the case.

Work ethic

Whether it’s combing through Michigan statutes, doing a repetitive task quickly and accurately, or going the extra mile on a case to get a better settlement, our attorneys aren’t afraid of hard work.

People skills

Kajy Law truly cares about clients–it’s what everyone here believes in. That means our attorneys need to be able to listen to what clients are going through, show them they care, and go above and beyond to help them receive the practical assistance they need.

Legal Assistants

With their clear communication, attention to detail, and excellent organizational abilities, our legal assistants play an essential role in each team by making sure everything operates efficiently and on time.

Responsibilities for Kajy Law’s legal assistants

  • Manage the attorney’s calendars and e-filing
  • Communicate with the clients
  • Inform clients of important dates
  • Send letters, notices or other correspondence as required by the attorney and court rules
  • File pleadings with the court

What Kajy Law looks for in legal assistants


Providing important documents and meeting strict deadlines is one of the many tasks assigned to our legal assistants, which is why they need to take the initiative to make sure everything is in order.

Organized and methodical

Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to a legal assistant’s duties. After all, they help keep their attorney’s busy schedule on track, regularly communicate with the client regarding important dates and events, and send important communications and documents to the right parties at the right time.


Even though there is a heavy amount of organizational duties assigned to them, a legal assistant also regularly communicates with both their attorney and the client. That means they need to be good with people, helping the client feel cared for while also supporting their attorney in whatever way they need.

Litigation Paralegals

For our attorneys to identify the best strategy to take, successfully represent clients in court, and go above and beyond with their case, they need litigation paralegals working hard behind the scenes to provide them what they need.

Responsibilities for Kajy Law’s litigation paralegals

  • Drafting of motions, case evaluation and facilitation summaries, initial disclosures, witness lists, and answering discovery
  • Obtaining any information not collected during the pre-litigation process
  • Supporting the attorney throughout the litigation process

    What Kajy Law looks for in litigation paralegals

    Litigation paralegals need to possess a number of qualities that allow them to be ready to step in with a case, get involved exactly where they need to, and continue in their role to completion.

    Well organized

    Since litigation paralegals will be handling complex, time-sensitive documents, they need to make sure they manage everything they’re assigned and in a timely manner.


    Litigation paralegals at Kajy Law know that when they work hard to help the team deliver success, the client benefits the most. That’s why being able to listen, understand, and act on direction from their attorney is a crucial quality to possess.

    Critical thinking

    Helping their team achieve the best results means litigation paralegals can fill in the gaps with a case by examining a situation and anticipating what’s needed at each remaining step of the legal process.

    Case Managers

    The successful outcome of a case depends heavily on how it is initially handled. That’s why our case managers play such an important part by making sure attorneys have everything they need during the opening stages of the case.

    What our case managers do

    • Work with their attorneys to obtain photographs, videos, medical records and any other documentation needed to pursue a client’s claim, as well as the information needed to send demands
    • Send FOIA requests, letters of representation, government notices, and obtaining information on the clients’ medical treatment
    • Regularly communicate with clients and respond to their questions prior to the filing of a lawsuit
    • Work with their supervising attorney to respond to requests for information from insurance companies and third-party claim representatives

    What Kajy Law looks for in case managers

    Case managers need to be able to regularly support both their attorneys and clients in crucial ways. That means a unique blend of abilities is required to deliver success with each case.

    Michigan legal knowledge

    Since the initial stages of a case are so important, case managers need to know what they’re looking for when it comes to procuring documents, evidence, or communications to not waste any time.

    A team player

    Far from being a soloist, Kajy Law wants our case managers to know how to help their team deliver success with each case by making it easy for their attorney to provide them with direction, while also understanding their role throughout the legal process.

    People skills

    Knowing how important our clients are at Kajy Law, our case managers make sure each client feels valued and cared for every time they communicate with them.

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    Call 248-702-6641 or fill out the form below.

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