What is the Definition of a Truck in Michigan?

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Our Truck Accident Attorneys Explain How Michigan Laws Define a Truck

Any accident is a serious event. However, not all accidents are treated the same.

The fact is, almost every aspect of a Michigan truck accident gets handled differently compared to a passenger vehicle accident.

The Michigan truck accident lawyers at Kajy Law are ready to help anyone affected by a truck accident. This includes providing essential information about the definition of a truck in Michigan and how it can affect you.

Why the Definition of a Truck in Michigan Matters After an Accident

One of the first steps after an accident in Michigan is to identify the vehicles involved. But when one or more of those vehicles falls under the category of a truck, it can have significant implications for insurance claims, liability, and legal proceedings.

A major reason for this is because Michigan has specific regulations and laws that apply to different types of vehicles, including trucks. There are also additional parties involved who may be held responsible compared to passenger vehicle accidents.  

How Michigan Defines a Truck

Michigan uses a number of vehicle codes and laws to help define what a truck is and how they differ from passenger vehicles. 

According to the Michigan Vehicle Code, a truck is generally defined as “every motor vehicle designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property”. This definition encompasses a broad range of vehicles, from certain pickup trucks to large commercial vehicles.

Michigan law also provides a specific definition of commercial vehicles, which includes many trucks such as semi trucks. According to this legal definition, a Michigan commercial vehicle:

  •   Is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver
  •   Has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of more than 26,000 pounds (this can include towed units with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 pounds)
  •   Carries hazardous material and requires a placard to be posted as defined and required under Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 parts 100 to 199

If any vehicle meets this description, it falls under the category of ‘commercial vehicle’ in Michigan and can affect what happens after an accident.

Common Truck Examples of Michigan Commercial Vehicles 

Even though there are specific codes and laws that define a truck in Michigan, it may still be unclear what a truck is and how it should be classified if it’s involved in an accident.

To get a better idea of what commercial trucks are compared to a regular pickup truck, we’ll examine three common examples of Michigan commercial trucks:

  • Semi-trucks – These combination vehicles consist of a tractor unit and a trailer that are connected by a fifth-wheel connection.
  • Box trucks – Similar to semi-trucks but the tractor unit is directly connected to the trailer without a fifth-wheel connection.
  • Commercial pickup trucks – Pickup trucks can also be considered commercial vehicles if they are used for commercial purposes and have a gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 lbs. Driving one may also require a commercial driver license (CDL).

Other common examples of Michigan commercial vehicles are minibuses/shuttle buses, transit buses, step vans/walk-in delivery vans, and cargo vans. 

Why Accidents Involving Trucks Need Special Care and Legal Representation

Michigan trucks may weigh 25x more than cars and can be 5x longer. This difference in vehicle size and weight results in accidents that are far more serious and cause worse injuries compared to the average car accident.

On top of causing worse injuries, truck accidents are often more complicated. For example, no-fault laws in Michigan can make car accidents much more straightforward compared to truck accidents. And no-fault coverage does not cover all expenses with a Michigan truck accident, especially with cases that involve serious injuries. 

In addition, Michigan law allows someone who sustains serious injury, permanent disfigurement, or death in a truck accident to seek compensation from other parties. 

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