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Dearborn Car Accident Lawyers

Trust Our Dearborn Auto Accident Attorneys To Fight For You

Immediately after your Dearborn car accident, you need someone you can trust to help you. You’ll need to know what to do, how to get medical help, how your bills will get paid, and how to maximize your settlement from your injuries.

Kajy Law’s Dearborn car accident lawyers provide all of this and more, ensuring you fully receive the legal help you’ll need. This includes help with dealing with the insurance companies, getting treatment, and boosting your settlement. No matter what you’re facing after your accident, our experienced attorneys are ready to handle every aspect of your car accident.

Why Our Dearborn Car Accident Lawyers Get Results

Our Dearborn car accident lawyers never leave anything to chance when it comes to maximizing results for you. That’s why we have established a four-step process that ensures you receive the maximum compensation possible while providing the care you need throughout the legal process.

Step 1: Your Complimentary Consultation

You receive personal attention from our attorneys the minute we connect. With your complimentary one-on-one meeting with Kajy Law, you can explain what happened and allow us to answer your questions and begin strategizing how we can increase your settlement.

We’ll also help with your medical needs, insurance, billing, and other aspects of your claim.

Step 2: Ensuring You’re Cared For

We want you to only worry about getting better while we handle everything related to your case. That means we’ll provide regular check-ins to ensure you receive needed medical care, address loss of income, and handle issues with your car insurance company.

Step 3: Building Your Case

While you focus on your recovery, our attorneys are busy examining every detail surrounding your case, including your accident report, witness statements, medical documents, records, bills, as well as applicable laws and statutes.

Step 4: Attaining the Largest Settlement Possible

After meticulous preparation, our Dearborn accident lawyers are prepared to fight for you to make sure the insurance companies pay every cent you’re owed. All of our hard work lets us be ready for anything that may come our way during legal proceedings in order to obtain the largest settlement possible.

As a result of our four-step process, Kajy Law’s attorneys been able to win over $40 million for our clients. With results like these, you can be confident we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you receive the maximum compensation while also receiving the regular care you deserve.

Report Your Dearborn Car Accident

You first need to report what happened to the police before our Dearborn accident lawyers can help with your case. Here is the address and phone number where you can do that:

Dearborn Police Department
16099 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48126

What Others Say About Our Dearborn Auto Accident Lawyers

Other attorneys talk big to hook clients, and then put in the minimal work for a meager settlement. But not Kajy.

Our Dearborn accident lawyers always do everything possible to maximize your compensation as they provide unparalleled care from start to finish.

Read what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

  • “After my accident, I called several law firms and received automated responses, automated emails, or no response at all. When I called Kajy Law, they explained everything to me… and then sent a paralegal to my hospital room within an hour to discuss everything further…He ensured that I received wage loss compensation, and that all of my medical expenses were covered, including in-home care, and settled my personal injury case within three months… I am eternally grateful.” -Leah D.
  • “Amazing law firm. Great communication, my team always kept me up to date with what was going on. Very happy with my settlement. I would recommend them to my friends and family.” -James E.
  • “I have nothing but great things to say about this firm. The firm treats its clients like family, always is responsive and doesn’t stop fighting to get the best result possible!” -Meagan S.

What You Should Do After Your Dearborn Auto Accident

Kajy Law understands what steps to take in order for you to experience the best possible outcome after your car accident. While our lawyers do everything they can to maximize your benefits and compensation, you also need to take specific steps after your accident.

Here are the most important steps to take after a Michigan car accident:

Stay at the Scene

Unless you have severe injuries that need to be treated immediately, Michigan law requires you to stay at the scene. There you can contact the police and wait for an officer to arrive. Once they are on the scene, provide them with a detailed account of the incident.

Gather Evidence of What Happened

Gather crucial information at the accident scene. This evidence includes obtaining a police report, along with taking photos or videos of the car accident scene, vehicle damages, and injuries. Collect any witness contact information and accounts of what happened while their memory of the accident is fresh in their minds.

Seek Medical Treatment

Even though you may not feel much pain after your accident, you should still see a doctor promptly for a thorough evaluation and adhere to any prescribed treatment for your injuries. This is a crucial step to take, since you may have been injured but don’t feel pain or any symptoms due to adrenaline that was released after the accident.

Contact a Dearborn Car Accident Attorney

To make sure the remaining accident steps are handled correctly, contact Michigan car accident lawyers with experience handling these types of accidents. The Dearborn accident lawyers at Kajy Law have over 13 decades of combined legal experience and will help get you the largest settlement possible while also guiding you through every step of the process.

Contact Your Michigan Insurance Company

Most insurance companies require you to report the accident promptly to them within the limited time frame required to receive Michigan insurance benefits. Include details like the location of the accident, who was injured and how, info surrounding every involved party, witness information, and the investigating officer’s information.

However, it’s important to first consult with your attorney before you do this. They will guide you during this step to help you avoid making any statements that may release the insurance company from liability.

Keep Good Records

To help ensure your bills get paid and to maximize your settlement, keep detailed records of everything related to the accident. These records include bills, expenses, income loss, medical treatment, and the physical or mental trauma resulting from the accident.

Along with taking these steps, it’s also important to avoid taking certain steps that can lead to complications and stress.

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How Much Does a Dearborn Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Our Dearborn accident lawyers only collect a payment if we win your case. This means that if you don’t win, you won’t owe a cent to anyone at Kajy Law.

Our attorneys only receive a small percentage of your settlement once you have been paid. This means you won’t be charged for your initial consultation, hiring our team of car accident lawyers, or any other legal services until we win your case.

Contact our car accident lawyers to learn more »

Who Pays After a Dearborn Car Accident Under Michigan No-Fault Laws?

No-fault laws often confuse victims of car accidents, since many assume that the at-fault party pays after an accident. However, Michigan Law mandates that each person’s insurance company cover the medical expenses caused by an automobile accident.

This no-fault system is designed to help victims of auto accidents by simplifying the process of receiving treatment by allowing car accident victims to obtain medical treatment without worrying about whose insurance company should pay their bills.

However, there are certain expenses that no-fault benefits do not cover.

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What to Do if You Are Injured From a Dearborn Car Accident

Kajy Law understands how a car accident can suddenly have a major impact on your health. Within moments, your life may now include having to deal with injuries, medical bills, and doctor appointments. With these changes can come questions about what steps you need to take to move forward.

Our Michigan car accident lawyers want anyone who was injured in a Dearborn auto accident to take these essential steps:

Put Your Health First

No matter what took place, what insurance you have, or who was at fault, you should receive any needed medical treatment after your car accident. This is true even if there aren’t any symptoms of injuries or if you don’t feel any pain.

Get Experienced Legal Help On Your Side

From the moment your accident takes place, you need to take certain steps to get what you deserve and avoid being taken advantage of. This is partially due to how your insurance company may attempt to deny financial responsibility or prematurely stop medical treatments to cut their own costs.

Having experienced legal guidance who knows how to handle these insurance company tactics is essential to safeguard your rights, ensure medical proper care, get all of your bills paid that are related to the accident, and attain the maximum compensation possible.

Contact Your Car Insurance Company for No-Fault Benefits

Michigan is a no-fault state. That means your auto insurance is legally required to pay your medical expenses related to the accident. To receive these no-fault benefits, notify your insurance company promptly of what took place with your accident to begin receiving these benefits.

However, first let Kajy Law’s attorneys guide you with this step to ensure your accident statements put your interests first and help you avoid inadvertently releasing your car insurance company from financial responsibility. Your statement also needs to reflect what truly happened in order to ensure you receive the full treatment and compensation from your accident injuries.

These steps will help you receive the treatment you need to care for your injuries related to your accident. However, there are also important matters to address to get the care you need.

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What Damages Can Be Recovered From a Dearborn Auto Accident

Some Dearborn drivers involved in car accidents become quickly confused by Michigan’s no-fault laws, thinking that “no-fault” means no one is held financially responsible for injuries or damages.

Let our attorneys explain no-fault laws, including what damages can be recovered and how to legally pursue them.

Here is an overview of the damages that car accident victims in Dearborn can recover after an accident:

Past and Future Medical Expenses

Car accidents in Dearborn can lead to significant medical expenses, including hospital bills and rehabilitation costs. When more severe accidents take place, specialized treatments or ongoing therapies may be necessary.

Michigan law lets car accident victims pursue compensation for all past and future medical-related damages, ensuring that they receive what they need on into the future.

Past and Future Lost Wages

Dearborn auto accidents can cause injuries that disrupt your ability to work, which can lead to lost wages. To help you with these financial losses, both your past and future lost income can be recovered.

This lost income from not being able to work may be due to injuries related to the accident, not working as much as before the accident, or having to attend medical appointments.

Along with these past and present financial impacts, you may lose income in the future due to limitations imposed by your car accident injuries.

Non-Economic Losses

Unlike bills and other detailed expenses which can be easily tallied up, some losses are more difficult to prove despite their significant impact on a car accident victim’s life.

These losses are called ‘non-economic damages’ and can include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disabilities, and other lasting effects of the accident.

Since they have a significant impact on an accident victim’s life, Michigan law allows victims to seek compensation for their ongoing impact.

These are among the most common damages that can be recovered after a car accident. However, there are more damages that you may be able to recover after an accident.

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The Best Ways to Avoid a Car Accident in Dearborn

Our attorneys understand everything a Dearborn car accident victim may have to deal with, which motivates them to help drivers avoid accidents in the first place.

Here are the three best ways to reduce the chances of an auto accident:

Give yourself enough space while driving

Many drivers are surprised at how quickly the traffic in front of them can stop. In fact, one out of every five accidents in Michigan are caused by drivers not leaving enough space for themselves and others.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to give yourself a three-second following distance. This will allow you and others the time needed to brake or make a necessary maneuver to avoid an accident.

Eliminate distractions

It has been proven that distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. So to avoid an accident, drivers can’t let calls, texts, eating, grooming, or passenger behavior cause them to take their eyes away from the road for even a second.

Change your driving habits during bad weather

All four of Michigan’s seasons can bring on challenging weather conditions to drive in, with snow, sleet, rain, and wind causing dangerous driving conditions that can result in an accident.

To help you deal with driving in these dangerous weather conditions, Dearborn drivers need to drive slower, leave more space to brake, and turn on their headlights more often.

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The Most Common Injuries From Dearborn Car Accidents

Many people have either seen or heard about major accidents that involved multiple-car pileups and severe injuries. However, even some car accidents that are considered ‘minor’ can cause significant injuries that need professional medical treatment.

Here are some of the most common injuries from car accidents:

Limb injuries

Depending on where a vehicle is struck, different types of car accidents can affect different limbs of the body. For example, a side-impact accident may cause hands or arms to be injured by striking a door. However, a head-on impact may cause different injuries by forcing a person’s knees to collide with a car dash or the back of a seat.

Scrapes, lacerations, and bruises

At the moment of impact, loose objects inside a vehicle can suddenly be sent flying at high speeds, causing different injuries when they strike a passenger. These objects may result in cuts, scrapes, or bruises.

Soft tissue injuries

These injuries take place when a person’s extremities are forcefully pulled in different directions during a car accident, damaging connective tissues such as tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

One injury commonly known as “whiplash” takes place when a person’s head suddenly moves forward or backward, creating a whip-cracking motion on the rest of the body during a sudden impact. This strain can cause damage to the connective tissue in the neck and back.

Brain injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries, or TBIs, are serious injuries that are caused by someone’s head hitting something inside the car or another object. This impact may cause or lead to concussions, brain bleeding, brain damage, or even a coma.

While these are among the most common injuries after a Dearborn car accident, they are not the only types of injuries.

Learn what other common car accident injuries are and how to get help with medical bills from your accident »

Key Michigan Car Accident Statistics

Our car accident attorneys are able to help accident victims like you by having an in-depth understanding of every aspect of these accidents. They attain this in part by analyzing the data on Michigan car accidents.

The variety of data they look at includes Michigan’s annual traffic report which includes a variety of background information surrounding car accidents. Here are some of the most important statistics about Michigan car accidents:

  • There were 282,640 Michigan car accidents, which was a 15% increase over the previous year
  • 71,466 of these car accidents involved an injury, while 1,068 accidents were fatal
  • The most common person to be injured in a car accident was the driver of a vehicle, with 49,863 Michigan drivers injured
  • Alcohol was involved in 336 fatal car accidents

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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Dearborn

Having won over 2,500 accident cases, our attorneys have helped nearly every type of car accident victim throughout the legal process. This allows them to identify the most common causes of car accidents to help you avoid them.

Here are some of the most common causes of Dearborn car accidents:

Distracted driving

Like never before, people are distracted while behind the wheel. However, this has shown to be as dangerous as drunk driving. Drivers need to avoid using smartphones, eating, grooming, or any activity that diverts their eyes, hands, or attention from the road, since allowing these distractions to take their attention away for even a second can result in a car accident.


Speed limits are carefully decided to keep all drivers safe in any section of road. Exceeding this designated speed limit will put them and others in danger, since they have less time to react and less control of the vehicle if something unexpected happens. Speeding also reduces their ability to slow down in time to avoid an accident.

Drunk driving

Alcohol has been proven to slow reaction times, impair depth perception, reduce motor skills, and negatively affect a driver’s decision-making ability. Just one of these effects can lead to a car accident. However, they are often combined all at once when a driver is drunk, which quickly creates a dangerous or even deadly situation.

These are some of the most common reasons for car accidents in Dearborn. If you have suffered from an accident that was caused by speeding, distracted driving, or drunk driving, Kajy Law may be able to attain an even larger settlement for you.

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Road Conditions That Can Cause Car Accidents

Some car accidents in Dearborn can happen due to the condition of the roadway.

The most common road conditions that can cause car accidents include:

Roadway hazards

Objects may fall off a vehicle on a roadway, giving the driver only milliseconds to maneuver away from the object and avoid an accident. If they don’t, or if other drivers also swerve to avoid these objects, they may end up inadvertently hitting other vehicles.

Poor road condition/lack of road maintenance

Poor road conditions like potholes can damage a car’s suspension or cause a flat tire, leading to the loss of control of a vehicle and result in an accident.

Other causes of road-related accidents are unclear or unannounced changes in road surfaces or road construction. These sudden changes don’t give the time needed for drivers to take notice and adjust their speed or lane position.

Weather-related conditions

Dearborn drivers have to maneuver their vehicle through snow, ice, rain, sleet, and high winds. However, these dangerous weather conditions may cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, resulting in an accident.

No matter what the cause of your accident was, our lawyers want to provide the practical assistance you need while they work hard on your case to get you the settlement you deserve.

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Michigan No-Fault Benefits Explained

Some drivers in Michigan are confused about how no-fault benefits work and what they’re entitled to. For example, they may not know if they should see a medical professional if they think the accident was their fault.

However, no-fault laws are actually designed to help Michigan accident victims by simplifying the process of receiving medical treatment and care after a car accident. Let our attorneys help you understand how these laws can assist you in obtaining the car and support you need.

Michigan no-fault benefits include:

Medical expenses

After a car accident, you will likely have medical bills that result from your injuries. These medical bills are to be paid by your insurance. These covered expenses may include visits to the doctor or a rehabilitation clinic to help you recover from your accident-related injuries.

Wage loss

If your Dearborn car accident caused you to miss work, no-fault benefits can help you receive reimbursement for your lost wages. This wage loss may occur due to caring for injuries or attending appointments.

Replacement services and property modifications

If a car accident injured you to the point where you cannot care for routine tasks at home, you may receive help with these areas from your insurance. This help includes someone to assist with household chores or take care of your children.

Attendant care

Your accident may have resulted in you requiring nursing care at your home or at a designated facility. In either case, this attendant care is covered by Michigan’s no-fault benefits.

Learn what else no-fault benefits help with and how to receive them »

Michigan Auto Insurance Requirements That May Affect Your Dearborn Car Accident

Our auto accident lawyers know how to get your bills paid and get you the settlement you deserve, which often is received from your car insurance company. That’s why they want you to know these requirements for car insurance in Michigan that may affect your car accident case.

Driving without car insurance is illegal

Michigan requires every driver to carry the bare minimum insurance, known as ‘liability insurance’. This requirement is to help ensure financial responsibility in case of an accident under Michigan’s no-fault laws.

There are specific limits needed with insurance

These bare minimum insurance limits in Michigan include $250,000 for bodily injury per person and $500,000 for bodily injury per accident. However, drivers can elect lower limits which include $50,000 for bodily injury per person and $100,000 for bodily injury per accident.

There are major consequences for drivers without insurance

There can be life-altering consequences for a Michigan driver who gets in an accident without insurance. These include fines, suspended licenses, and even jail time. Additionally, if you’re involved in an accident and found to be at-fault, you may be financially responsible for both your own bills as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills for other parties involved.

This is important car insurance information that every Michigan driver needs to know to avoid serious problems. However, there are also other important pieces of information related to insurance, such as what to do if you are hit by an uninsured motorist.

See what steps to take if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver in Michigan »

Learn How Car Insurance Companies Try to Take Advantage of Dearborn Drivers

Our attorneys put our clients’ interests first in every way, including getting them the highest possible settlement from car insurance companies.

To do this, we need to understand every aspect of car insurance companies and how they operate to help our clients avoid being taken advantage of.

It is important for Dearborn car accident victims to remember that insurance companies in Michigan are profit-driven, even if they appear different in their commercials. Unfortunately, this means they put profit first, which can lead some companies to use tactics that take advantage of car accident victims. Here are some common examples of these tactics:

Asking for a recorded statement immediately after an accident

Insurance companies know the powerful mental effect that car accidents can have on victims, causing them to be confused and emotional immediately after the accident. Not only that, but they also know that their injuries may not manifest themselves right away.

So if these companies can get you to say certain things on the record about how you’re feeling or about what took place, they know you may say something that can free them from certain financial responsibilities or minimize what they owe you.

Sending accident victims to their ‘third-party’ physician

After some medical treatments, insurance companies may require their clients to see a doctor who is supposedly neutral, but is actually connected to them. This doctor may appear to evaluate you, but ultimately they will say that you don’t need any more treatment–even though you still require that treatment to recover from your accident.

Sending misleading insurance payments

Some companies send a check or statement that is designed to appear like a routine medical payment, but is actually a final payment from the insurance company. Once a driver cashes this check, they will no longer have any financial settlement for the accident.

Kajy Law wants you to avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies and to receive everything you deserve after your accident. That’s why we want you to learn other tactics that the insurance companies may use to pay you less.

Learn what else insurance companies can try to use against you and how to protect yourself from them »

What Makes Our Dearborn Car Accident Lawyers Different

Kajy Law’s Dearborn car accident lawyers are able to provide attentive, helpful care for clients like you as we work hard behind the scenes to maximize your settlement.

In fact, our C.A.R.E. principles guide how we interact with each client:


From the moment you choose Kajy Law to represent you, you’ll feel heard and understood. This starts at our first meeting together, where we listen to everything that happened with your Dearborn car accident to understand the entire situation you’re facing.


Once you let our Michigan car accident lawyers represent you, you’ll regularly receive our attention and assistance as we check in on you to make sure you’re cared for.


We don’t wait a minute before starting to work up your case and deploy a legal strategy that will make the insurance companies pay the maximum amount possible.


Thanks to Kajy’s dedicated teams of car accident lawyers and paralegals, your case will get the manpower behind it in order to win your case and boost your settlement.

Dearborn Auto Accident Attorneys Who Stand Up to the Insurance Companies

Some attorneys just want to settle a claim as quickly as possible so they can take their cut, but not us. In fact, Kajy Law’s attorneys do the opposite.

We don’t rest until you’ve received every penny that you’re owed from the insurance companies after your Dearborn car accident. We use our teams of lawyers and paralegals to do the research and put in the effort to boost your settlement, not line our pockets.

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