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Kajy Law Is Here to Explain How No-Fault Benefits Work For Michigan Accident Victims

After a Michigan auto accident, life can drastically change. Depending on how severe it was, an accident victim may need extensive medical care as well as changes made to accommodate the victim’s new circumstances.

Since Michigan is a no-fault state, many people aren’t sure what benefits are extended to victims of car accidents. Our Michigan auto accident lawyers are here to provide legal guidance and answers to Michigan residents as they get their life together after an accident.

While this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of the primary no-fault benefits available after a Michigan car accident.

Medical Care Expenses

No-fault benefits are designed to cover medical bills that are related to a Michigan auto accident. These can include doctors visits and rehabilitation care.

Not only that, but the mileage and other transportation costs that an accident victim has accrued while driving to and from these medical visits can also be reimbursed under Michigan no-fault laws.

Wage Loss

If a Michigan car accident has caused enough injury to the point where a victim cannot return to work, no-fault benefits will also reimburse them for these lost wages. The same is true if they had to miss work to receive medical treatment or they can no longer work as much as before due to Michigan auto accident-related injuries.

Attendant Care

Benefits are extended in Michigan for those in need of nursing care due to injuries from a car accident. Whether it’s nursing care that takes place in a residential facility or at home, these attendant care costs are covered under Michigan no-fault laws.

Replacement Services

Other consequences from a Michigan car accident can mean that a victim will now require someone else to care for their household tasks. These services that are now required due to car accident injuries can include caring for their children, tending to household chores, or running errands.

Property Modifications

If a Michigan auto accident has changed a victim’s way of life to the point where they need permanent changes to their property, Michigan no-fault benefits are required to cover costs associated with these modifications.

These can include necessary modifications to a person’s home, such as accessibility adaptations like wheelchair ramps. They may also include changes to a victim’s vehicle that are necessary due to limitations imposed from the Michigan car accident.

Survivor’s Loss

If a life was lost from a Michigan car accident, the dependents of the deceased person (decedent) can recover survivor’s loss benefits. The funeral and burial expenses of the deceased are also covered under this provision.

How Kajy Law’s Car Accident Lawyers Help

While laws in Michigan were designed to help and protect Michigan car accident victims, it can be difficult in practice for victims to receive no-fault benefits on their own. On top of that, insurance companies often try to pay as little as legally possible.

That’s why you need Kajy law on your side. We have successfully represented thousands of Michigan residents just like you, helping them navigate the legal landscape in order to receive the full compensation and benefits that they deserve.

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Get experienced legal guidance and practical assistance with getting your bills paid from our Michigan car accident attorneys. We can provide assistance and support throughout the entire process, getting you the help you need at every step.

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