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Common Causes of Michigan Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that there were nearly 36,000 motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2020 alone.

Kajy Law has helped thousands of victims of car accidents in Michigan. Along with knowing the consequences of accidents and how to help victims, we also know what causes them.

Here are the most common causes of Michigan car accidents:

Distracted Driving

Despite what some believe, the human brain is unable to focus on two things at once. That means a person is unable to safely operate a vehicle while using a smartphone, eating, caring for their appearance, or anything else that takes their eyes, hands, or attention away from the road.

These distractions lead to divided attention, which can cause the loss of control of a vehicle by failing to stop or avoid an object in their path–including other cars or even pedestrians.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol has many effects on the brain–and none of them result in better driving. The most serious effects are slower reaction times, impaired depth perception and motor skill function, and worse decision-making.

Put these together and a drunk driver can easily cause a Michigan car accident due to failing to maintain control of their own vehicle, noticing another car or pedestrian, or reacting too slowly.


Speed limits are carefully chosen for a reason: road conditions, traffic patterns, and roadway design all impact how fast a driver can safely operate a vehicle in any given section of road.

So when speeders surpass this carefully-chosen speed limit, they can quickly cause an accident from not giving themselves enough braking distance or time to slow down or by losing control of their vehicle in a curve.

Disobeying Traffic Signs or Stop Lights

Any time a car enters an intersection, it’s crucial for opposing traffic to obey any traffic lights or signs. If they don’t, a car accident is almost a certainty–and with over 40% of all car accidents taking place at intersections, it’s easy to see that disobeying traffic lights or signs is a very common cause of car accidents.

Aggressive or Reckless Driving

Not all causes of car accidents are due to negligence; some accidents are the result of simply disregarding the safety of other drivers by driving aggressively or recklessly.

Drivers with road rage may aggressively switch lanes, tailgate, or speed, allowing their emotions to dictate how to drive instead of speed limits or traffic laws. This dangerous, risky behavior can quickly end in a car accident.


Much like drunk driving, driver fatigue negatively impacts how the brain functions. Fatigue manifests itself by reducing the ability to make proper decisions, slowing driver reactions, and impacting depth perception. The end result is a driver that’s not aware of what they’re doing behind the wheel–until it’s too late.

Weather Conditions

If a car’s tires can’t grip the road, or a driver can’t see where they’re going, a driver won’t have control of their vehicle–and a car accident becomes inevitable.

Weather conditions such as rain, sleet, ice, or snow can prevent tires from maintaining traction, resulting in a driver losing control.

Fog or heavy precipitation can greatly reduce visibility, making the driver unaware of what lies just ahead on the road until it’s too late.

Road Conditions

Road surface damage, debris, or uneven surfaces due to road construction can pop a tire, come between the tire and the road, or impact a car’s suspension and ability to turn or stop. Any of these effects on a vehicle can prevent a driver from maintaining control of their vehicle.

Vehicle Defects

Even though car manufacturers do everything they can to ensure their cars are well-designed and built, there are sometimes problems or defective components that fail at the worst possible time and result in the driver losing control. Defective car suspensions, electrical systems, and braking component failures have all been the root causes of Michigan car accidents.

Animal Crossings

No matter how fast, agile, or large an animal may be, they are no match for a vehicle weighing several thousand pounds. These animals may misjudge the speed of a vehicle or simply not see it due to natural surroundings like trees, ditches, or turns in the road.

A vehicle may strike them in a head-on accident, resulting in serious damage to the front end of a car. Or their presence in the roadway may cause the driver to make a last-second attempt to swerve to avoid hitting them, causing the driver to strike another object on the road or even another vehicle.

How Our Michigan Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

No matter what the cause, Michigan auto accidents are a painful, stressful experience. Medical bills, insurance issues, and loss of property or wages are a common result.

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