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Common Michigan Car Accident Injuries

In the blink of an eye, a car accident can cause injuries that change a person’s life. Even what may be considered a minor auto accident can still cause significant injuries that need to be treated by medical professionals.

Kajy Law helps Michigan car accident victims get justice and receive the medical care they need. Read on to learn what are the most common Michigan car accident injuries that you may need help with.

Scrapes, Bruising, and Lacerations

A car often contains loose objects that are normally harmless. However, objects like a coffee mug, a cell phone, or a pair of sunglasses can turn into projectiles when a car suddenly collides with an object or is hit by another vehicle.

When these objects hit a person, they can scrape the skin or cause lacerations. They can also cause bruises, which may also result from the body striking surfaces of the car like a door or a dash. Restraint equipment like seatbelts has also been known to cause bruising.

While most scrapes, lacerations, or bruising is minor, some of these injuries may need medical attention such as stitches or even emergency surgery if there’s internal bleeding.

Soft Tissue Injuries

The body has connective tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments that allow a wide array of movement and motion. However, a car accident can exert forces which are too much for the soft connective tissues to handle or cause the human body to move in an unnatural way.

The result is the straining or stretching of soft tissues in the neck and upper back from these forces and movements. These damages are compounded by the weight of the head, which causes the body to undergo a whip-cracking movement. Often called a “whiplash” type injury, this can cause mid-back and low-back sprains or back injuries that take months or years to heal, or may even be permanent.

A car’s steering wheel or airbags may also exert sudden, powerful forces against the body, causing stress and damage to the neck and spine’s soft connective tissues.

Brain Injuries

Not surprisingly, these types of injuries should always be taken seriously–even if the Michigan car accident victim doesn’t feel different right after the accident. This is because Traumatic Brain Injuries, or TBIs, can be slow to appear and diagnose.

Car accident impacts can cause bruising of the brain from it colliding with the inside of the skull (a concussion) or the tearing of brain tissue and blood vessels. The results may be immediate, such as a lack of consciousness that results in a coma.

However, concussions, brain bleeding, or brain damage may take hours or even days to fully manifest themselves. These may be slower to diagnose because the car accident victim may still be able to speak and function, albeit at a reduced level.

Memory loss, change in personality, speech difficulties, loss of cognitive ability, or even death may be the result of brain injuries

Injuries to the Chest

Even though a car is forced to suddenly stop or change direction due to an impact, the body is still moving forward. This forward momentum can cause the body to collide with any other object, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, or another passenger.

The injuries that result may be bruising, broken ribs, or even internal bleeding or injuries to organs.

Limb Injuries

The same forceful momentum that makes whiplash so damaging can also cause injuries to hands, arms, legs, and feet. A side impact may cause these parts of the body to be thrown against the car door, whereas a head-on collision may force a person’s knees to collide against the seats in front of them or a car dashboard.

These impacts on the limbs with different parts of the car bruise or scrape skin and tissue, sprain/damage joints, or break bones.

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The pain and suffering a victim experiences after a Michigan car accident can sap them of their strength and leave them feeling helpless. On top of that, insurance companies often seek their own interests, denying coverage or refusing to pay bills.

If you have suffered injuries from a Michigan auto accident, take back control with Kajy Law’s car accident lawyers.

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