What Road Conditions Lead To Michigan Car Accidents? Kajy Law Has Answers

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Unsafe Road Conditions That Lead to Michigan Car Accidents

Not every Michigan auto accident is the result of driver error. Sometimes it’s the road itself that causes drivers to lose control or can present hazards that result in a car accident.

Kajy Law has patiently examined thousands of car accident cases to understand exactly what took place. Here is what we found to be the most common unsafe road conditions that lead to Michigan car accidents.

Weather Related Conditions

Michigan is a state that experiences a wide variety of weather: from hot, stormy summers to bitter, cold winters, there are different weather events throughout the year. And regardless of the season, there’s weather that can cause Michigan car accidents.

Winter presents the most unsafe weather-related conditions. Snow, sleet, black ice, and freezing rain are just some of the dangers that can cause a driver to lose control and get into a collision with another car or slide off the road and collide with an object. Extreme cold can also cause tires to lose pressure and go flat, causing the loss of control of a vehicle.

But even though these weather conditions are most common in winter, they can also frequently present themselves in early spring.

Not only that, but late spring, summer, and early fall see powerful thunderstorms that may cause heavy rains, sleet, or hail to fall. These weather conditions can prevent drivers from seeing where they’re going or from maintaining control of their vehicles.

Hazards on Roadways

Mother nature isn’t always the culprit behind unsafe road conditions in Michigan. At times, debris or objects on the road left by another car or truck can present a sudden obstacle. These hazards can cause motorists to make a last-second emergency evasive maneuver, resulting in the collision with a car or object.

Poor Road Condition/Lack of Maintenance

Other situations that result in car accidents may not have to do with what’s on the road, but rather what’s missing from it.

For example, large potholes can cause damage that result in a driver losing control of their vehicle. Damage such as flat tires, bent wheels, or broken suspension components can make a car difficult or impossible to maneuver safely.

Other times, the lack of clear guidance can result in a collision. For instance, a road sign may be missing that should have directed a driver to stop, yield, or merge safely and thus resulting in a collision with another vehicle. In other cases, poorly painted lines may have failed to direct a driver out of the path of another vehicle.

Road construction can also contribute to a car accident for a number of reasons. Unannounced changes to a road surface can catch a driver by surprise and not give them enough time to adjust their course before it’s too late. Uneven lanes or rough surfaces can impede proper tire traction and result in the loss of control of a vehicle–especially when combined with poor weather conditions mentioned above.

What To Do After a Michigan Car Accident From Unsafe Road Conditions

If you have been in an auto accident that was caused by road conditions, it’s important to document what the conditions were at the time of the accident. Photos or videos can demonstrate what the actual conditions were and why they caused your accident.

It’s also important to get a legal team that knows just what to do and what steps to take for each situation. Kajy Law has successfully helped Michigan residents just like you get the justice and compensation they deserve after an auto accident from unsafe road conditions.

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