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If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to find a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer who will actively fight for your best interests.

A motorcycle accident might result in stressful physical, mental, and financial issues. You need a motorcycle accident attorney who will go to war for you to recover every penny of compensation you deserve so you can concentrate on putting your life back together.

The Kajy Cares Promise offers confidence and trust.

The philosophy around Kay Cares is what has helped to make us well-known as respected motorcycle accident lawyers in Detroit and around the entire state of Michigan. You need a firm with attorneys you can trust, giving you the peace of mind. Chances are that insurance companies will try to limit the financial compensation you receive no matter what your injuries were, or how your life was adversely affected following an auto accident. Only the best Michigan motorcycle accident attorneys are equipped to win these battles.

We Promise:


That we will be completely honest with you at all times about your case


That our lead attorneys including Lawrence Kajy will be personally involved in your case


To listen to you, to hear your goals, concerns, and needs


To aggressively fight for every penny of compensation you deserve


That your case will always be a priority for our firm


That you’ll never feel in the dark about your case or abandoned by your legal team


That we will never miss important deadlines


To always treat you with respect

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There may not be a better feeling than riding on the open road on your motorcycle without a care in the world. The only drawback to riding may be the potential for suffering a significant injury if something goes wrong.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you will want to work with the very best motorcycle accident lawyer who knows Michigan law and how to apply it to your benefit. This is especially important if you have suffered significant pain and suffering while amassing costly medical bills. Only an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Kajy Law wins 98% of their cases. Over the years, they’ve won thousands of accident cases for their clients.

Riders are at the mercy of others on the road

Motorcycle riders lack the same types of built-in safety devices that a typical motor vehicle has, so they place a very high premium on safety.

  • They obey the helmet laws and wear protective clothing.
  • They are constantly alerted to their surroundings and other drivers.
  • They maintain smart and safe intervals between their bikes and other cars.
  • Simply put, riders follow the rules of the road.

Unfortunately, not all drivers on the road exercise the same caution, which can lead to dangerous situations anywhere in Michigan. This is how motorcycle accidents happen and it is where Lawrence Kajy and the team of knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyers at Kajy Law can help. As the best motorcycle lawyers in metro Detroit, they can help to recover damages and hold the negligent party responsible. Only an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can assist in preparing you for what to expect and ensure that your rights are protected.

Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere and anytime

Remember that the first step towards getting your expenses paid and your life back on track following a motorcycle accident is to take prompt action. Obtaining the services of a Michigan motorcycle accident law firm as soon as possible can be the difference between an unending wait for a minimum amount of compensation or a timely settlement that is reasonable and fair.

Healthcare costs can lead to financial hardship. Riders who have suffered a motorcycle accident need a Michigan lawyer that specializes in this field and understands the state laws that impact your case. Those that suffer a serious injury especially need the help of a motorcycle accident law firm that is successful in getting its clients the settlement they deserve.

We offer proven methods to get you results.

Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers created a formalized and proven process to help secure positive outcomes for your case:

Set a free, no obligation consultation in person or phone or video – whatever is convenient for you.

Review all available information following an accident, including evidence.


Secure the police report from your accident.

Create a plan for communicating details of your accident with your insurance company.

Get checked out for injuries by your healthcare provider, get the treatment and therapy you need, and document all
procedures and care.

The Michigan motorcycle accident attorneys at Kajy Law provide you with a voice when dealing with your insurance company and, if necessary, act as your representative in court.

In addition to recovering from injuries to a motorcycle accident like whiplash, broken bones, or concussion, you can focus on attending to the needs of your family. Victims who work with a motorcycle accident lawyer may even avoid many of the common mistakes that can lead to unfair or denied settlements.

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“Kajy Law is the BEST Personal Injury law firm around! Their team of highly skilled attorneys and support staff fight hard for you, in a million and one ways, both in the Court and in the minutiae of details behind the scenes. Kajy Law truly cares about their clients. I’d give them 100/100 if I could!”

Joslyn Steck

“My experience with Kajy Law was my first with any law firm and they made the whole experience very comfortable and easy to deal with. Lawrence and his staff were extremely polite and professional. I would highly recommend the law firm to anyone in need of great legal representation.”

Porche Jones

“Kajy Law Firm has always been incredibly honest and has always had the highest integrity. Something that’s hard to find in this field. I like to think of them as the good guys in a world of bad guys. Highly recommended.”

Kyle Ruscitti

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An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can get you the money you deserve after being injured in a motorcycle accident. Kajy Law provides the expertise and service needed to serve motorcyclists and their families in their greatest time of need. We will handle the hassles and deadlines so you can concentrate on recovering. Contact Lawrence Kajy and his staff of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan at Contact Lawrence Kajy and his staff of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan at 877-KAJY-CARES . We can get started on your case today.