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What Damages Can You Recover After a Michigan Motorcycle Accident?

Life-changing injuries can easily occur when a Michigan motorcycle accident takes place. If you were involved in an accident, you need to know what legal options are available in order to recover the full extent of damages owed to you.

Kajy Law’s Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers understand every Michigan law applicable to motorcycle accidents. Let us explain some of the most common types of claims that can be made and what damages can be recovered after a Michigan motorcycle accident.

It’s important to first note that Michigan motorcycle accidents are in a different category due to motorcycles not being considered a “motor vehicle” in this state. This affects how benefits and damages are awarded, including Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits.

How to Receive PIP Benefits After a Motorcycle Accident

Normally, any passenger vehicle would first look to their own auto insurance for PIP to cover medical and other expenses after an accident. This is because Michigan is a “no-fault” state. However, this does not apply with Michigan motorcycle accidents the same as it does with passenger vehicle accidents.

To explain how a Michigan motorcyclist can receive PIP benefits, we have included a number of scenarios. If you were involved in a Michigan motorcycle accident, continue reading below to see if you can receive PIP benefits up to a certain limit:

  • If a motorcycle accident that involved a car or truck occurred where the vehicle was at fault and the owner or registrant of the motorcycle has motorcycle insurance, this would allow them to pursue PIP benefits through the other driver or vehicle registrant’s insurance. If neither has insurance, then the motorcyclist would use their own insurance, and then finally avail themselves of the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan, or MACP.
  • If a motorcyclist had an accident that didn’t involve another vehicle, their PIP benefits on their own insurance policy would be applied (assuming they paid for them on the policy).

There may be other unique scenarios that allow a motorcycle accident victim to receive PIP benefits. If you have questions about your case, contact the motorcycle accident team at Kajy Law.

What No-Fault Benefits Are Available After a Michigan Motorcycle Accident

Michigan no-fault benefits for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Medical expenses that arise from the motorcycle accident. Doctors visits, physical therapy, and other medical treatment would be covered under these benefits, along with being paid for mileage to and from these medical appointments.
  • Lost wages from the Michigan motorcycle accident victim missing work for up to three years. The reasons a victim had to miss work from the accident may include having to receive medical treatment or not being able to work due to injuries sustained from the accident. These injuries may result in a reduced ability to work or the inability to work at all.
  • Attendant care, also referred to as nursing services, may be needed due to long-term or permanent injuries suffered from the motorcycle accident.
  • Household replacement services that result from injuries sustained from the Michigan motorcycle accident. These include the victim needing help because they can’t care for household chores or other duties like caring for their children. Any needed modifications to their home or vehicle due to a disability that resulted from the accident would likely be covered as well.

Monetary Damages From The Michigan Wrongful Death Act

If a Michigan motorcyclist is killed by another driver through negligence, eligible survivors and beneficiaries may receive monetary damages.

The following must be established in court:

  1. The defendant’s actions were more than 50% responsible for the victim’s death
  2. The defendant acted negligently
  3. There are dependents or beneficiaries still alive, such as a spouse or children
  4. Financial losses have ensued from the motorcycle accident victim’s death

Under the Michigan Wrongful Death Act, damage amounts are regulated. A personal representative appointed by the Michigan probate court will file an action on his or her behalf. Before any damages from a Michigan wrongful death suit can be dispersed, payments to the family of a motorcyclist killed in a motorcycle accident in Michigan must first be authorized by the probate court.

How To Recover Damages After A Michigan Motorcycle Accident

As you saw above, the laws pertaining to damages from a Michigan motorcycle accident vary a great deal depending on what happened, who was responsible, and who has the proper insurance. That’s why it’s essential that motorcycle accident victims get the proper legal help from a Michigan attorney who fully understands all of the contributing laws to their case.

The Michigan motorcycle accident team at Kajy Law has already helped Michigan residents like you get maximum compensation thanks to our highly-experienced Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers and paralegals who understand how to handle each unique case.

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