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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Michigan Motorcycle Accidents?

Because of their increased exposure to the elements, limited safety features, and their lack of stability, motorcycles are much easier to lose control of compared to a four-wheeled vehicle. Consequently, any Michigan motorcycle accident can lead to life-changing severe injuries.

Kajy Law wants to keep motorcyclists safe by helping them avoid motorcycle accidents. That’s why we’ve compiled this list that shows common causes of Michigan motorcycle accidents in order to help riders keep clear of a situation that can cost them their health or even their life.

How Passenger Vehicle Drivers Cause Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

A four-wheeled vehicle weighing nearly two tons can easily cause injury and even death if they collide with a motorcycle. Here are some of the most common causes for these types of Michigan motorcycle accidents.

Careless/Reckless Driving

Passenger vehicle drivers may be focused more on what’s happening inside their own car rather than those around them. This can lead to them not sharing the road, making unsafe lane changes, following too close, or failing to check their blind spots, all of which can cause them to collide with a motorcycle.

Others are simply driving too fast, which can lead to a lack of sufficient time or distance needed to stop or swerve out of the way to avoid a motorcycle collision.

Failure to Yield

A passenger vehicle driver may not accurately judge the distance they have between themselves and the motorcyclist due to the smaller size of the motorcycle. Or they simply may not see them. Whatever the cause, many Michigan motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers colliding with motorcycles because they didn’t yield to them–especially when turning left.

Distracted Driving

More and more technology is finding its way into the interior of a vehicle. These may include onboard navigation, infotainment systems, and vehicle diagnostics displays.

However, all this technology can cause a driver to be distracted while behind the wheel. With their attention divided, they can no longer drive safely and can cause a Michigan motorcycle accident.

Other drivers are simply distracted by cell phones, eating, or grooming themselves in the vanity mirror of their vehicles, unaware of the motorcyclist that they share the road with until it’s too late.

How Motorcyclists Cause Accidents

It’s not uncommon for motorcyclists to be the primary party responsible in a motorcycle accident. Find out what the most common reasons are behind these types of accidents.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is never safe. As intoxicants, alcohol and narcotics impact a rider’s capacity to accurately interpret road conditions, make good decisions, and respond without hesitation. Consequently, there is a heightened risk that the rider will make a mistake on the road and cause a motorcycle accident.

Drowsy/Fatigued Riding

Reaction times are critical for motorcyclists to respond to changes in the road or to make decisions that lead to avoiding dangers. If a rider is either drowsy or fatigued, this can dampen their reactions or ability to react in time to avoid an accident.

Lack of Motorcycle Maintenance

If a motorcyclist doesn’t properly care for his motorcycle’s components, the likelihood of an accident is substantially increased. Everything from an engine locking up and causing the rear wheel to skid to a lack of sufficient tire pressure can lead to the loss of control of a motorcycle.

Speeding/Reckless Driving

Motorcycles often have performance capabilities that far surpass those of an average passenger vehicle. This can lead to the rider reaching dangerous speeds in a short time, thus diminishing their ability to stop or control the motorcycle. Speed can also lead to less time for other drivers to see a motorcycle until it’s too late.

Other activities like stunts or wheelies can compromise the rider’s ability to maintain control over his motorcycle, leading to an accident involving themselves or other vehicles on the road.

Other Circumstances That Cause Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

Not all Michigan motorcycle accidents are the fault of the motorcycle rider or passenger vehicle drivers. Sometimes it’s the road conditions themselves that are found to be at fault for an accident. These sorts of accidents are far more common than four-wheeled vehicles because of the lack of stability that only two wheels provide. Causes for accidents like these may include:

Road Hazards

No matter the reason why it’s there, anything lying on the road can cause a motorcyclist to either collide with it and lose control of their vehicle or cause them to make a last-second effort to avoid the hazard and fall over at high speed.

Other road hazards may be due to a lack of road maintenance. Potholes, uneven sections, poor road surface without adequate signage, or other hazards from road construction may prevent a motorcyclist from maintaining control over their vehicle.

Inclement Weather

The weather in Michigan can frequently cause dangerous riding conditions that upset a motorcyclist’s balance or prevent their tires from maintaining traction. Harsh winds may blow a motorcyclist into a direction they don’t wish to go, while rain or fog can reduce a rider’s ability to see what lies ahead on the road until it’s too late. Rain can also deteriorate the motorcycle tire’s ability to grip the road, causing the rider to lose control.

Defective Motorcycle Components

In some instances, a certain motorcycle component is at fault for an accident. These may include parts of their frame, suspension, braking system, tires, or chain with a design flaw from the manufacturer. This component may suddenly fail without warning, causing the motorcycle rider to lose control.

What To Do If You Were Involved In a Michigan Motorcycle Accident

Hopefully, this list of common causes for motorcycle accidents can help a rider avoid being involved in one. If you have been involved in a Michigan motorcycle accident, you need an accomplished legal team to help you get the benefits you deserve.

Kajy Law has a dedicated Michigan motorcycle accident team to help riders maximize the compensation after an accident and to receive other benefits. Our motorcycle legal team’s experience and knowledge is fully put to use for you as we work with doctors, the insurance companies, and all other parties in order to maximize your settlement.

Experienced Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Every Michigan motorcycle accident case is unique. Different circumstances, different insurance companies and coverage, and different parties who need to be held responsible.

Accident victims like you are often relieved to learn that the Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers at Kajy Law have decades of experience handling motorcycle cases.

This allows them to understand how to handle each step of your unique motorcycle accident, along with any unexpected challenges or factors that may arise so you can receive the legal representation and care you deserve.

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Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers do more than just provide answers and practical help–they also know exactly what to do to win motorcycle accident cases like yours. We’ve helped accident victims in Dearborn, Warren, Southfield, Detroit, and all across Michigan receive the largest settlement possible.

Having a dedicated team of lawyers and paralegals who only handle motorcycle accidents allows us to fully focus on what happened, uncover who is responsible, and choose what legal strategy to take in order to help you win your case and receive every penny you deserve after your accident.

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