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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Attorneys Who Specialize In Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

With a 98% success rate, Kajy Law fights to get our clients the justice and compensation they deserve. We make the extra effort to land the best settlement possible for those whom we represent.

Why You Need Dedicated Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The fact is, Michigan motorcycle accidents are very complicated. Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles are not legally classified as motor vehicles in the state of Michigan. That means they have their own unique laws and steps that need to be taken to get a Michigan motorcycle accident victim’s medical bills paid along with receiving the compensation they deserve.

Knowing how much attention Michigan motorcycle accident cases require is exactly why Kajy Law has a dedicated motorcycle accident team. Our lawyers and paralegals fully understand all of the state and federal laws that relate to motorcycle accidents, along with how the insurance companies work and how to deal with them.

Not only do we know exactly how to win Michigan motorcycle accident cases, but we also know what our clients need. We make sure our clients feel in control by keeping them up to date on what’s happening with their case and make sure their needs are taken care of, including help with billing issues, medical attention, and receiving all their benefits.

How We Care For You After Your Michigan Motorcycle Accident & Get You The Best Settlement

To ensure our clients always receive the best care possible, we’ve adopted a four step process that provides the attention you deserve while putting you back in control after your motorcycle accident.

1. Our Free Consultation
This may be the first and last time you hear from other attorneys, but not us. We personally meet with you and your family in order to fully understand what took place and what you’re now facing. We’ll also go over the police report, your insurance status, and any other information related to your Michigan motorcycle accident. From there, we’ll formulate a strategy that will map out what steps to take together to maximize your settlement while ensuring all of your needs are cared for along the way.

2. Follow-Up Care
Even though we already met with you, we want to continue to check in and make sure you’re cared for. We’ll help arrange for your medical treatment to help you recover, help deal with any insurance company issues or problems and help with practical issues like loss of income due to your motorcycle accident. Not only that, but we’ll keep you informed of what is happening with your case at every step.

3. Working Up Your Case
As you recover from your Michigan motorcycle accident, we’re behind the scenes working up your case, procuring documents, medical records, bills, etc. We’re examining the details of your case, the laws that affect it, and everything else to make sure we’re ready for the legal proceedings to begin.

4. Getting You The Best Settlement
Our Michigan motorcycle accident team has put in all the time and effort with your case, and now we’re ready to win for you. We’re ready for whatever comes our way: case evaluations, settlement conferences, facilitations, or jury trials. We know how much your case is worth and won’t let the insurance companies or anyone else pay a penny less.

The Kajy Law Michigan Motorcycle Accident Team Difference

Kajy Law does things differently from other attorneys. For instance, we’ve chosen to hire an entire team of qualified lawyers and paralegals to equip us with the manpower to get the absolute best motorcycle accident settlement possible for you.

Contrast this with other attorneys who only take the highest paying cases and leave other victims to fend for themselves. Or they settle for less, knowing that they’re going to get paid either way. Thus, they don’t put forth the extra effort to win a better settlement for their client.

Get Help From The Legal Team Who Only Work On Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

After your accident, you deserve specialized help that understands motorcycle accidents and the needs of those injured in one.

Kajy Law’s Motorcycle Accident Team up has successfully represented hundreds of injured involved in Michigan motorcycle accidents. They’re prepared to get you and your loved ones the compensation you deserve while providing help and support throughout the entire process.

Contact Our Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you were involved in a Michigan motorcycle accident, contact us today to get our motorcycle accident attorneys fighting for you. Call us at 248-702-6641 or use our contact form to set up a free Michigan motorcycle accident consultation.


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