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Kajy Law’s understanding of Michigan car accidents enables us to help thousands of Michigan residents each year to get the justice and compensation they deserve after their accident.

We want you to understand the most important information surrounding Michigan car accidents because we know a more informed driver is a safer driver. Having this car accident information will allow you to make the best decisions possible while also avoiding future accidents.

Common Michigan Car Accident Injuries

It’s important to note that what may be considered a minor car accident can still cause significant injuries that should be treated by medical professionals. Here are some of the most common injuries from Michigan car accidents:

  • Scrapes, bruising, and lacerations
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Limb injuries

Our Michigan car accident attorneys reveal what other injuries may occur and how to get help with medical bills from your accident. >>

Michigan Car Accident Statistics

The state of Michigan publishes an annual traffic report documenting car accidents, including how many took place along with background information surrounding those accidents. Here are the most important accident statistics from this report:

  • There were 282,640 Michigan car accidents, a 15% increase over the previous year
  • The most common person to be injured was the driver of a vehicle, with 49,863 Michigan drivers injured
  • 71,466 of these accidents involved an injury, while 1,068 accidents were fatal
  • Alcohol was involved in 336 fatal Michigan accidents

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Common Causes of Michigan Car Accidents

Kajy Law’s car accident team helps Michigan car accident victims throughout the entire process, from right after the auto accident until when they receive their settlement check.

This allows our attorneys to identify what the most common causes of Michigan car accidents are to help you avoid them.

These include:

Distracted driving

A driver cannot safely drive while also using a smartphone, eating, caring for their appearance, or anything else that takes their eyes, hands, or attention away from the road.


Drivers who speed surpass the carefully-chosen speed limit, which takes away their control of the vehicle while also reducing braking distance and time needed to slow down.

Drunk driving

Alcohol has a combination of negative effects on a driver’s brain, including slower reaction times, impaired depth perception, reduced motor skill function, and worsened decision-making.

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Road Conditions That Cause Michigan Car Accidents

Sometimes it’s not driver error that causes a Michigan car accident but the road itself due to weather conditions or other hazards.

The most common road conditions that cause car accidents include:

Weather-related conditions

Snow, ice, rain, sleet, or even high winds can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and can often result in an accident.

Roadway hazards

Debris or objects may suddenly appear on the roadway, giving the driver almost no time to avoid it and thus cause an accident. Other drivers may swerve to avoid the object and collide with another vehicle.

Poor road condition/lack of road maintenance

Large potholes can damage a car’s suspension or cause a flat tire, making the car so difficult to control that it ends in an accident. Unclear or unannounced changes in road surfaces or road construction may also cause accidents or collisions due to not providing drivers sufficient notice to adjust their speed or lane position.

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Help With Understanding Michigan No-Fault Benefits

Many Michigan residents aren’t sure what benefits are extended to victims of car accidents due Michigan being a no-fault state.

Kajy Law wants you to know that these laws are designed to help simplify the process of receiving treatment and care after your Michigan auto accident.

Some of Michigan’s no-fault benefits include:

  • Medical care expenses
  • Wage loss
  • Attendant care
  • Replacement services and property modifications

However, these are not the only no-fault benefits offered in Michigan.

Learn what other no-fault benefits are available and how to receive them from our Michigan accident lawyers. >>

Get Help From a Dedicated Team of Michigan Auto Accident Lawyers

Rather than settling for a single attorney who handles all sorts of accidents, you deserve a focused team who only deals with Michigan car accidents and nothing else to receive the help you need after your Michigan car accident.

Kajy Law’s Michigan car accident team will help you from beginning to end. We’ll help establish what you should do after your accident, how your bills will be paid, what laws and protections apply in your case, and how we’ll get the most for your settlement. From there, we’ll regularly check in with you as we build your case, doing everything we can to maximize your compensation.

The Michigan Car Accident Attorneys That Get Results

Kajy Law’s car accident team has successfully represented thousands of injured Michigan residents just like you. Having recovered over $40,000,000 in damages for our clients, our legal professionals know exactly how to get you and your loved ones the compensation you deserve while providing help and support throughout the entire process.

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