Don’t forget to secure a copy of a police report following a car accident


Serious car accidents will undoubtedly draw first responders to the scene. A police report is needed whenever an accident occurs. It doesn’t matter if you’re involved in a minor vehicle accident causing only minor injuries. It is important to complete a police report because it verifies accident information for your insurance company and will be an important part of any civil claims arising out of the car accident.

What some motorists that have been involved in an accident don’t realize is that it is their right to obtain a copy of the police report at any time. That report is critical to have access to, particularly if there are injuries or significant damage. Accuracy is critical so you will want the responding law enforcement official to interview witnesses and secure statements about what they saw.

A police report is part of a standard process completed by police officers when they respond to a car accident. It includes a description of the accident, identifies any individuals and vehicles involved, injuries reported, and provides other necessary details. If you are involved in an auto accident, you absolutely should obtain a copy of the police report following a car accident. Local law enforcement agencies are happy to provide you with this report.

One of the most important things about this police report is to identify the at-fault driver in case a lawsuit is filed for any sustained injuries.

It’s helpful to understand the process behind the filing of a police report to have a better idea of when it might be ready for your review. After the officer has completed their initial report, he or she will need to complete the final version of the report within the guidelines of the department or agency they work for. That report will then be sent to the Michigan Department of Transportation. It may take a few weeks for your police report to be completed and be available to you while it goes through this process.

You can always check in with the appropriate law enforcement agency for updates on the status, but it is recommended that you allow at least a week before contacting them. Once ready, you can pick up a hard copy (generally for a small fee), order a copy online, or ask your attorney to help you secure it as needed.

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