The impact of COVID-19 on Michigan’s courts and your case


Practically every facet of our lives has been impacted by COVID-19 and the Michigan court system is no different.

Many trials have been adjourned throughout the last two-plus months and the Michigan Supreme Court extended the suspension of jury trials through June 22, 2020. There has been speculation that jury trials may even be postponed until mid to late 2021.

The majority of in-person proceedings have been either postponed or transferred online. In fact, the Michigan Supreme Court in early April authorized judges to handle procedures remotely, whether in a virtually empty courtroom or using remote video conferencing or similar technologies.

So how has this impacted auto, truck and motorcycle accident cases?

In short, not much.

In some cases, it has made the insurance companies want to settle immediately. In others, the urgency to settle has disappeared without jury trials, as the insurance companies are under no pressure to settle cases for large payouts. While most auto, truck or motorcycle accident cases settle, a jury trial may be set if a settlement appears unlikely.

The ability for judges to make decisions on cases is enhanced by all the same remote working technologies available to many of us. All hearings are currently being handled using Zoom or another type of video conferencing tool. However, the caseload handled by one court will vary from another as judges have been given the freedom to conduct business as they see fit.

Many of the personal injury cases Kajy Law litigates on behalf of our clients have continued to move forward at a normal pace. There have been some delays, but many judges are motivated to stay on track with their caseload so as the economy progressively reopens in Michigan, they won’t be overwhelmed.

The entire team of Kajy Law attorneys, paralegals, and support staff have  all remained both employed and busy while working from home since the pandemic started. As more businesses are opening up and traffic volumes are increasing, the number of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents is now higher than it has been for nearly three months. Plus, the work needed to support your case can be done without you ever having to leave your home.

Clients who have already begun working with Lawrence Kajy and the Kajy Law team can request a face-to-face meeting to review your case with our team. Any in-person meetings will be handled with social distancing safeguards in place. If you have any questions about your case and its status, call us. No matter where our staff is working, we’re always available to our clients.

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